Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Dirty Dillons Twitter-Tribute Poem / Kickball Championship

We didn't get quite as many submissions for our Dirty Dillons Twitter-tribute poem as we hoped, but nonetheless we have assembled, edited, and arranged your tweets into this memorial for Larryville's Dirtiest shopping experience (we've even included a picture in the midst of it: thanks, Deb!). Enjoy.

Dirty Memories

I used to run into Burroughs
Green trench coat
nearly empty cart
maybe some cat food in it

I stopped going there alone after dark
but only after the police had to respond to a crack deal.

I saw Chancellor Hemenway picking up a prescription.
I ran into a lot of folks I knew. I was buying lube and cat treats. (unrelated purchases)
I found 5$ on the floor there. A bunch of other people were there but I was the only one who saw it there

My fave:
the guy who went through self-check with way too many groceries.
Seriously at least 50 items in the express self check.
Plus coupons.
& HE was annoyed!

The hot dog trailer back in the day, during the summer.
renting car-sized VCR players & 39 cent Planet of the Apes tapes
getting lectured by staff that buying lottery tickets will breakup my girlfriend & I
the oddest things on closeout...
the mentally/facially challenged bag boy who always shouted "YOU'RE AWESOME"
his name is Michael. :) #respect

I basically grew up in the Ghetto D.

There was a blond lady with crazy hair who was frequently in Dirty Dillons
she looked homeless but wasn't.
That was my mom.

Coming soon to the LC: a full article on Dirty Dillons from guest writer Duckie Lane!


It's a bittersweet day in Larryville as kickball season comes to an end (hopefully in a blaze of streaking and drunken debauchery).

Here's a great excerpt from Coach Billy Gay Cyrus's blog regarding tonight's championship game. It's a perfect reflection of kickball's silliness, its long local history, and the affection so many of us (and by us we mostly mean you) feel for it.

"We’re finally getting the Under the Sea themed championship game we’ve been dreaming of all our lives! If The Barracudas can upset the Squids, it will be the second time Love Garden has fallen to a five seat in the championship game. The first time was in 2005 when the K-Jensen’s-HK team took Love Garden down with the “Bermuda Triangle” defense: a carefully constructed triangle of athletic dudes that dismantled Love Garden’s aggressive bunting...".

Read Coach Cyrus's complete preview for tonight's festivities over here .

See you at Hobbs (if we're not home watching Breaking Bad by then).


Billy Gay Cyrus said...

Thanks for all the support this year dudes!

Anonymous said...

You didn't get many but mine wasn't even included!!! Sadness. :(

blame Chip said...

We probably overlooked it. Sorry! We tried to account for everybody that submitted, but after a few PBRs...something something.