Friday, August 19, 2011

We Tap a Firkin of Chicks With Hips at the Burger Stand / Weekend Scenester Picks / New Additions to the OED

A nice crowd of beer connoisseurs and random drinkers filled The Burger Stand's Beer Hall last night to watch a firkin of "Chicks With Hips" being tapped. And we're happy to report that Tallgrass's new brew, with its hints of coriander and rose hips, was as bold and brassy as its name suggested. Our group drank a good 20% of the firkin at least while holed up in the corner listening to local scenester and occasional LC guest columnist Captain Chanute expound on Bret Easton Ellis's definitions of "Empire" and "Post Empire" (we reached the consensus that these terms are as fascinating as they are useless).

Click and look at this firkin tapper:

And then we braved a blinding rainstorm to visit BARRR's Heaven Party at the Granada. Phil Canty was there. Pretty much JUST Phil Canty. But we assume that later it turned into some sort of sweaty grind-a-thon with lingerie clad angels on Ecstasy who all ascended into Heaven in a blazy of scenester glory.


Readers, it's BuskerFest weekend, where the streets are filled with more beggars than usual (but at least these new--imported--beggars know some pretty good tricks, such as ripping a phone book in half or swallowing fire). Chip plans to perform his "penis puppet show" on the special "Adults Only Busker Stage" in the alley behind the Replay at midnight tonight and tomorrow. Look for him.

And if you're looking for another form of risque entertainment (that does NOT involve Chip's dingus), consider a visit to the Foxy by Proxy Burlesque at the Bottleneck on Saturday (Spook Lights are playing too). One of the Foxy performers is the Pig's self-described "bar wench" Jen Young, who was profiled in yesterday's Style Scout (here's the photo) and should have been included in our "tone-poem" of Larryville bartenders yesterday.

Other good bets this weekend include the Mouthbreathers tour party at the Replay on Saturday with Up the Academy. Did you know Mouthbreathers are on In the Red Records now (along with bands like The Horrors and Thee Oh Sees)? Be impressed.

And you've got two chances to rock with our rockabilly buddies in The F-Holes (tonight at Replay matinee and tomorrow at Jackpot). And perhaps even more, if they do some busking, as they have been prone to do at previous BuskerFests:


We love when new additions are added to the OED, and now taking their place in the illustrious tome are "retweeting," "jeggings," "sexting," and "mankini." Chip's probably going to celebrate by sexting you some pictures of himself in his mankini. Hope you enjoy.

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