Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kansas Controversy of the Week: the Naked Golfers of Bethany College / Scenester Pick of the Day: Royal Baths at Replay

In what is easily the greatest Kansas story of the week, the golf team at Bethany College in Lindsborg has been suspended due to a team photo that landed on Facebook in which the team members pose naked with carefully placed clubs covering their... clubs.

We love this line from the KC-Star article:

“It was only intended as a bit of fun with the lads,” said senior team member Jac Hiscock, who is from England."

Chip: "The guy's name is seriously Jac Hiscock? Surely this story is not real."

But it seems to be real, Chip. Here's the KC Star link .

Somehow we're guessing this post will not receive nearly as many hits as our post about the naked French women's soccer team.


We try to keep close tabs on local shows that are Pitchfork-approved, so make sure to check out San Francisco garage rockers Royal Baths, who will hit the Replay tonight. Their 2010 album Litanies gets a perfectly respectable score of 7.5:

"Litanies draws from the noisier, more freaked-out side of early garage rock."

"...the album's psych-damaged sound brings to mind yet another Woodsist band-- the skronk-loving Moon Duo."

"...sprightly, with lightly delivered "ba ba ba"s and a touch of bells."

Which of those three statements doesn't seem to fit?

Here's a cute press photo. They look like they'll be right at home at the Replay, so long as they can handle the stench (which at Sunday's matinee seemed to have been doused with cologne).

Chip: "Everybody needs a 'royal bath' after lingering in that Replay odor for a few hours!"

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