Monday, August 1, 2011

Scenester Pick of the Week: Ice Age at Jackpot on Wednesday / Unhip Photo of the Week From Replay Matinee

We generally like our bands to be cute and quiet, so we had overlooked Wednesday's important Ice Age gig at the Jackpot until local punk scholar King Tosser brought it to our attention yesterday. The four very young (18 and 19) Danish punks of Ice Age are riding a huge wave of blogosphere buzz and an 8.4 rating from Pitchfork:

"These four have located a punk-rock sweet spot: mixing the black atmosphere of goth, the wild-limbed whoosh of hardcore, and the clangor of post-punk...While they still have room to grow as songwriters, the energy in every atom of New Brigade's charred, sub-25-minute rush is seductive."

Richard: "This will be the kind of show where half the people in attendance actually miss their ultra-short, blink-and-miss-it set while outside smoking on the patio."

Here's a SPIN review of their June gig at Brooklyn's Public Assembly:

"Playing before a sweatily packed crowd at the 450-capacity venue, with onlookers tweeting from outside the windows, the young group stayed true to a less-is-more live aesthetic."

Richard: "I'll totally be tweeting from outside the window or at least the very back of the bar, since I imagine this crowded, all-ages sweatfest inside the Jackpot will be well-nigh unbearable from anywhere near the stage."

Larryville's Mouthbreathers and KC's Dark Ages open the show, which supposedly runs from 8:00-12:00. We predict Ice Age will go on at 11:42 and play a tight 18 minute set.


We love it when defiantly unhip bands take the stage at the Replay, such as KC's To Be Determined, armed with oboes and flutes and triangles, who played a sparsely populated (by old geezers) matinee yesterday afternoon during a scorching heat wave. Click to enlarge and peruse: what the hell is the dude, second from the left, even playing? Our snarky friend Christine said they were like a home-schooled version of a school band, but Chip found them far, far preferable to the "noise" of Ice Age.

In an even odder twist, the top of the Replay menu on this evening consisted of this eye-catching item: "Ecuadorian seafood stew." We didn't spot anyone brave enough to tackle a bowl of piping-hot, crab and shrimp filled stew during the 102 degree evening, but the chef assured us he had sold a few bowls of this dish inspired by Bourdain's No Reservations. He even showed us one of the ingredients: a fillet of ocean perch, which did indeed look like a nice piece of fish.


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