Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Friday Photo Blog: Rock and Roll, Cannibals, and a Bear Fight / Scenester Pick of the Day: The Doom Wop of Mister Heavenly

Crowds were thick at last night's opening of the Baron Wolman/Rolling Stone photo exhibit at the Arts Center.

With The Who cranked up on the sound system and people shelling out a lot of cash for Baron's photo book and exhibit T-shirts, the event almost took on the feel of a rock show in itself (except with a lot of wine and no weed). Look at Pete Townshend sucking on a beer bottle.

In an adjacent room, however, we had the space to ourselves to study the Moby Dick papercuts. Look at Queequeg. What a wacky cannibal!

But this wasn't our only encounter with cannibalism of the evening. Over at the Replay (now 75% less vomit-smelly), The KC Bear Fighters opened a bouncy little ditty with this question: "Who here likes to eat other humans and I don't mean sexually?"

We also stopped by Love Garden to scope out Tim Pennington's controversial work.

Chip: "I like the one of the couple playfully wrestling each other." (click to enlarge).

And BARRR was throwing another Heaven Party at the Pig. Heaven Parties are so hip right now. He complained loudly at one point that too many people weren't inspecting the work closely and were therefore missing its perversities ("All they see is the bright colors. They don't notice all the dicks.").

All in all, another successful Final Friday, except that we kept tripping over pesky buskers still lingering around after last weekend's Festival.

Chip: "This is the problem when you invite hobos from all over the country to Larryville. A lot of them are bound to fall in love with the place."


If you're like us, you're always looking for ridiculous new musical genres to embrace. Right now, we're totally into "doom wop," which is often associated with Mister Heavenly (perhaps because they have a song called "Doom Wop."):

"Parallel-universe golden-oldies like "I Am a Hologram", "Diddy Eyes", and "Hold My Hand" may not fully live up to the transgressive promise of the "doom wop" descriptor but, like fellow 1950s-rock enthusiasts Black Lips and King Khan in their gentler moments, Mister Heavenly approach their AM-radio inspirations with just the right balance of devotion and deviance" (Pitchfork: 7.5).

The band consists of a dude from Islands and a dude from Man Man, so they've got some scenester cred. And Michael Cera played bass with them on a recent tour (how adorable!). Will you be seeing them at Bottleneck tonight? Or will you be seeing Up the Academy at Replay. With Mouthbreathers still on tour, Academy is the official house band, and they run the sound for patio shows in a top-flight manner: good work, gents!

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