Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Twitter-Poem In Honor of Long-Gone Larryville Businesses / A Song About KJHK / Final Fridays Coverage Begins

We thought scenesters were supposed to believe that their current hang-outs were the absolute best, but we've long noticed a tendency to idealize the Mass. Street of the past. We spent yesterday asking our Twitter army to share their memories of long-gone Mass. Street venues, which we've organized into this poem with each line representing a tweet (or excerpt from a tweet). Enjoy.

I miss George's Pipe Shop. When the Indian is out, George is in.

#Lawrence #MassStreet #wayback
The New Yorker- waaaaaay back in the day. It was a video game arcade.
Old school: Mass Street Deli, Tin Pan Alley, the Varsity back when it was a theater!
the best liquor store ever, Dodson's.
Mojo's on vermont had th best wings ever! Pay your taxes people

I ate at Mass St Deli every time my mother and I visited Lawrence as a child.
I would have to go with Indo.
Pochi Tea Station, which then apparently became Indo
potato mountain cafe...nothing like the kilimanjaro with extra hot dog.

I miss daylight donuts on mass
animal crackers...second chance
The former Jayhawker
and J Hood
Southwest and More!
Penny Annies, hmmm

Someone said Phil Zone, right?

I miss the awesome vegetarian food at Nice Cafe
Low Rider- 900 block of Mass... AWESOME sourcream chicken enchilada.
It's About Time. I miss working there...
And the Round Corner.
cheese shop greater than everything.
I used to chow on buffalo burgers at the grill in back patio at the early Replay.
The Casbah when it was a clothing store

I miss Arensberg's...

exile used records at 9th and mass, with steve greewood behind the counter
Don't forget Shirley and Marc Burch either ;)
Alley Cat Records. There's a sticker on the front of my file cabinet that makes me sad every time I see it.

Also, thanks to local music historian Mike Blur, who steered us to this little gem: a song about the glory days of KJHK (circa late 70's, early 80s?) written by Todd Newman. Stream it here .


And speaking of nostalgia, the Dear Lawrence photo project, which we've mentioned here on several occasions, will have an opening at the News Center at this week's Final Fridays.

Here's a powerful piece by Dan Shattuck:

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