Monday, August 29, 2011

This Week in Art: Heaven Party Causes a Firestorm and Danny Joe Gibson Shows You His Posters / Plus: Scenester Picks

Readers, we all think of Larryville as a safe liberal enclave but these days it seems you can't even hang a painting of a masturbating demon on the walls at the Bourgeois Pig without being called an asshole, accused of violating state obscenity laws, and threatened with a lawsuit.

Yes, BARRR's Heaven Party caused a bit of a ruckus yesterday but, as best as we can tell, the paintings will remain. Go to the Pig and look at them. But please don't threaten to sue BARRR or the Pig. He's just doing his art.

Go over to BARRR's site and see some of the offending pictures and listen to the podcast about Heaven Party

And here's how we imagine Brownback would react if he saw Heaven Party:


If you're hip, you love posters for rock shows, and KC artist Danny Joe Gibson will be showing a whole slew of them at an opening for KC's First Fridays at 1819 Central Event Space and Gallery. Find the most comprehensive guide here with links to a 35 track download of songs from a lot of the bands represented in the posters.

We asked Danny to send us a pic of one of his favorite posters and a short blurb on why he likes it, and he kindly obliged with this poster for a show featuring Atom and His Package / Brazil / Pixel Panda / Mail Order Midgets:

"I love a good visual pun and I like to spin ideas off of band names. This is one of my personal favorite posters. Here we have a guy named Atom carrying a package of Mail Order Midgets and a Pixel Panda (which the panda is based from my childhood drawings of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"). The original art is fairly big compared to the small print the final poster was and it will be on display at my poster exhibition. I'd love to revisit these characters as there's a good road trip story there. I've always had visions of being cursed-challenged to journey cross-country carrying specific heavy/difficult things in my arms along the way. I think about that with this poster. Poor Atom. But, he got a free ride in circulation with STEP Inside Design Magazine's top 100 annual and in "The Little Book of Creativity" by David E. Carter."

Chip: "If it were me, I'd have gone straight for the sexual innuendoes of Atom and his Package, perhaps portraying Atom's package as some kind of midget panda boner. But Danny's work is nice too, if you dig the subtle approach."'

Readers, we haven't met Danny in human form yet, but from what we've gathered he's one of the best and most prolific artists around, and also one of the nicest dudes on Twitter ( @DJGKCMOUSA ). Go look at his posters, which will be on display throughout September.


We understand that Jackpot karaoke is quite a scene, and we received a tip that tonight's event is a special "Virgofest":

"Virgos one and all should come celebrate the fine folks born from Aug, 22-Sept. 21. It'll be a safe space for their intense perfectionism, hyper-criticism, insurmountable modesty and epic logic bombs ... Plus ... karaoke."

Another bet for Tuesday night hilarity is Horror ReMix at the Bottleneck. Tonight's edition is called Baked. You should probably get stoned before heading down.

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