Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama: the Larryville Reaction

KU's Elite Eight exit in the NCAA tournament denied Larryville a chance for drunken downtown debauchery but, late last night, a few residents received an unexpected reason for revelry (mainly in the form of firecrackers and street-light climbing). That reason: the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Here's a photo courtesy of Connor Hays (via the LJ-World via Operation100News):

By all accounts, however, Larryville's drunken antics paled in comparison to those outside the White House.

Here's an excerpt from a Slate piece:

"Huge cheers went up whenever someone clambered up a true, or whenever someone waved one of the multiplying American flags. There were even bigger cheers when people appeared dressed in costume. A "Spider-Man" raced a few students up one tree. A man in a green bodysuit posed in front of flags. One reveler waved a replica of Captain America's shield. When the first signs appeared, they were references to pop culture: "America, Fuck Yeah" (from Team America) and "Ding Dong, bin Laden is Dead" (this should be obvious)."

Richard: "Hopefully the Larryville crowds also thought of that witty Wizard of Oz reference."

Chip: "I'm sure that local liberals are thinking this is a bunch of jingoistic bullshit, but shouldn't we have the right to get hammered and celebrate the end of terrorism? I mean, it's a pretty big deal."

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