Friday, May 27, 2011

A Few Final Final Fridays Comments / BARRR Promotes BARRR Family Boombox!

It's another Final Friday, and we're ready for art. Chip will be stationed at DJ Godzilla's opening at Aimee's Coffeehouse until the chicken wings are gone, and Richard will be roaming the streets. In addition to the events we previewed earlier this week, make sure to stop by Q5 Gallery (upstairs at Quinton's) to see the newest scenester portrait by Leo Hayden: it's Chewyfally playing an accordion! Who will be the next scenester to be painted? (Chip was rejected because he kept getting boners and laughing while he posed).

Visit Leo's website here . And here's a sneak preview of the painting:


Scenesters tend to avoid the early Sunday matinees at the Replay because (a) they often cater to children and hippies and (b) they start at 6:00 pm and scenesters don't surface until 11:30. But this week's Memorial Day weekend show promises to be different (and hip!). The headliner, California Craisins, will take you on a psychedelic surfin' safari. The Hips, rocking the middle set, will do whatever it is The Hips do (we haven't seen them yet, but they seem to play six shows a week). And BARRR Family Boombox will open the festivities with a "chill" DJ set. J-BARRR himself sends this blurb to us:

"Jason & Elyse Barr are hand picking super chill classics from their personal record collection. This vast collection of over 5'000 lps, cassettes, compact discs, & 8 Tracks is kept in a locked room. We have 3 seperate heavy duty locks on the door. It's a serious private sacred room. Occasionally we swap out what we're listening to & re-shelve records we're tired of....that's what we're in the middle of doing for the Summer. It's a must before we move to North Lawrence soon. You could say it's a Summer inventory inspired set. A chill out groove filled set infused with the love & tenderness that can only be delivered by a couple passionately in love & lust! We're thrilled to be sharing this intensely personal audio experience before the California Craisins show.



Chip: "Are you sure that BARRR is not a hippie? Because this sounds like it could easily turn into a communal orgy."

Here's a flyer that BARRR drew especially for the LC! Click to enlarge, and see you Sunday at 6:00. Go somewhere early for once, scenesters!

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