Friday, May 6, 2011

Foodie Article of the Week / NPR Loves Hospital Ships

With Larryville slowly garnering more attention as a foodie destination, we're hoping that the food scene becomes ever more adventurous and experimental. 715's "butchery dinners" are a good start, but let's look today at the "underground dining scene" in New York.

Recently a "formal luncheon for a dozen people" was "staged aboard the Brooklyn-bound L train," featuring a small army of chefs who prepared the courses at various stops along the route and hopped aboard to serve the diners with precision timing: "at the Lorimer Street stop, the soup got on: purée of ramps, poured warm from a silver teapot, over black garlic, morels and a prosciutto crisp." (NY-Times).

And then this happened:

"Halfway to the last stop, in Canarsie, Mr. Cristaldi, who performs as Jonny Cigar and hosts an itinerant wine saloon, began reading aloud from a copy of “The Great Gatsby” that he pulled from the pocket of his bespoke suit. The subway luncheon was his idea."

We're thinking Larryville should stage a similar stunt using the T, perhaps a formal dinner (since the T is fucking slow), served for (or perhaps served by) local hobos. At the very least, why can't Krause promenade through Esquina and Burger Stand a few times each evening while reading something post-modern (or perhaps just reading from the new six-volume Modernist Cuisine, possibly in a Julia Child voice)? We'd like a little more spectacle while eating our beet-filled El Jefe burritos.

Read the full account of the L-train luncheon here .


Remember a few weeks back when hipster-approved Vice Magazine wrote a blistering "review" of Hospital Ships new album Lonely Twin, comparing it (inexplicably) to Big Momma's House 2?

Well, we can put all that behind us now, because no less than NPR can dig our indie-pop heroes: yesterday's NPR song of the day was Hospital Ship's "Honey, Please."

Just look at this heartwarming praise for the band and our scene in general:

"Lawrence, Kan., doesn't immediately spring to mind when America's great music scenes are being rattled off. It can be easy to overlook the middle of the country when so many fans and tastemakers are situated on one coast or the other, and that makes it harder for landlocked bands to establish the biggest possible national following. Still, year after year, the college town consistently serves as an incubator for talent deserving wider recognition. In a sea of indie-rock bands from Williamsburg, it's refreshing to come across Hospital Ships' Jordan Geiger, a native of Lawrence with a formidable musical resume."

Take THAT, Williamsburg!

Read the full story and hear the song here .

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