Friday, May 13, 2011

We Bitch About the Blogger Breakdown / Summer Movie Showcase: Bridesmaids / And Guest Columnist Duckie Goes to the Replay

Readers, we're back in business after Blogger went haywire and shut down and erased recent posts by all of its users (which may or may not return...we're mysteriously missing two days worth of important hipster coverage here!). In the meantime, we started up a Tumblr account, which we'll currently use to post silly pictures and brief commentary but, if Blogger continues its shenanigans, we might soon use as our primary site. Visit us here at Tumbling Around Larryville.


Last week America fell in love with Thor and his mighty hammer (Chip: "Why, oh why, did Thor never tap Natalie Portman with his 'little hammer?'"). This week's potential blockbuster is a riskier studio move: Bridesmaids, a "sis-mance" with a largely female cast that is not anchored by a bankable Hollywood starlet. The film is raising important questions about the roles of women in comedy, such as "Are women as funny as men?" (Chip: "No") and "Will guys show up for an Apatowian effort that's not full of the usual Rogen/Rudd repertory company?" (we'll be there, and not just because we think it will get us laid: we honestly think it's going to prove that 'chick flicks' can actually be smart and funny, when written by--and targeted to--people who think that most "chick flicks" are absolutely terrible).

See you at the multiplex.


Since we're grumpy old fuckers who only go to matinee rock shows that start at 7:00 pm, we "hired" our buddy Duckie to hit the Replay and cover the scene. She was at the Swimsuit/Wheels On Fire/Rooftop Vigilantes show at the Replay on Wednesday, though she missed two of the three bands while boozing on the patio (what do you expect? we pay our writers in PBR, after all!). Here's her insider's scoop on Swimsuit's set and the local scene in general:

My roommate usually knows what's hip, so he pulls me from drinking High Lifes on the Replay patio to check out the bands inside when it's worthwhile. Last night I caught Swimsuit and it was nothing short of a baby pool of PBRs on a hot summer day. Much like Richard, I love things that are cute, and much like Chip, I like boners -- Swimsuit brought both. There was a mid-set "The More You Know ... " speech that harshed my drunk mellow, but thankfully the band jumped right into another cute jam. I was doing shots out back and missed Wheels of Fury or High on Life or whatever they were called, and by the time local sensation Rooftop Vigilantes went on, I was hammered. Love those kids though.

It was a nice departure from Monday's Broken Water show at the Jackpot. Sure, I love that '90s Matador sound, but bands who yell at Jackpot/Replay sound guys deserve to get heckled. Lucky for us, Broken Water's drummer/ringleader screamed at the sound guy, "Um, I have an audio production degree from the Evergreen State College, so I know what reverb is." Thanks, lady. And gooooooooooooooooo Geoducks! (We bought their record though and it's real good. Jerks.)

-- Duckie

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