Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final Friday Photos / Scenester Pick of the Day: Spring Into Dumber at the Jackpot

We began our Final Friday ramblings at the Q5 Gallery upstairs at Quinton's, because Chip is always convinced the waitresses might be engaged in a nude modeling session there. This was not happening, but we studied Leo Hayden's Chewyfally portrait and Leo left his station to accompany us on a few of our next stops. We had a beer with BARRR at Wonder Fair (Chip: "That guy sure has a lot of colorful opinions about local culture!") and settled in at the Replay matinee to meditate on the artistry of some Drakkar Sauna lyrics ("I am one hundred years old. I am one thousand years old.").

But the oddest moments of the evening came courtesy of the pre-Art Tougeau street party outside the Arts Center.

A very drunk man asked us to take his picture while posed on the Hen Hotel (a contraption with a cage full of live chickens). He wanted to send the picture to his mother. But he staggered off before leaving us his (or his mom's) e-mail address. Hopefully he'll read this blog. We think his name was Eddie.

We also checked out the pirate ship of Larryville's hottest new kickball team, Harper Valley PTA. Sure, they seem like a ragtag bunch of teachers and musicians right now (including Art Dodge!), but we're confident they're going to become a force to be reckoned with as the season progresses. Near the float we chatted with The Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor (is he on the team? or maybe his wife?), but we refrained from requesting an impromptu a capella version of "Mass Pike."

We even made time to look at a bit of the street art. As you can see from the next picture, rules were very clear that we were not to teach these bowl.

Chip: "When their back was turned, I touched a few of the bowls."


The Spring Into Summer festival is a blurry memory at this point, but tonight brings the "Spring Into Dumber" mini-festival at the Jackpot, featuring a stellar line-up of Ex-Fag Cop, Mouthbreathers, Up the Academy, and Rooftop Vigilantes. It's all too late and too loud for our tastes, but we're hoping either Duckie or the mysterious MDuck (who revealed his identity at the Replay last night) will submit a few thoughts.

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