Sunday, May 15, 2011

Righteous Progressive Indignation / Craft Beer Week / Spot That Scenester

If you're a local liberal, you've no doubt spent most of the weekend yelling about Governor Brownback's attack on the arts. Perhaps you've even taken pen to paper, like Stu Nowlin in yesterday's LJ-World, who offers this burst of furious anger and purple prose:

"Is Brownback promoting a return to the ancient system of wealthy patronage? That will guarantee the support for what I would identify as Puritan-realism where gun toting actors have attenuated Kalashnikov conferences and debauching, make-my-day street corner shootouts.

As Kansas heads into a more paternalistic and low-paying future, a tedium vitae that lacks empathy and humane life goals, we can be assured that American artists, truly indigenous, at times marvelously bold and apt to create telluric upheavals, will have no public voice."

Chip: "I only understand about half of this guy's vocabulary and references, but his tone has me ready to follow him right into battle. And I don't even like art!"


American Craft Beer week is kicking off, and Free State Brewery and 23rd Street Brewery are partnering up with all sorts of events (why, oh why, have we not tried the Bitter Professor IPA at 23rd Street yet?).

One of the events we're most excited about is Free State's "Brewer For a Day" contest (though we find the rules a little confusing):

"Free State also will have a Brewer for a Day contest. Those interested are encouraged to send in their best prose with specific words included by May 31 to the Free State staff" (LJ-World).

Chip: "I have a real way with 'specific words,' and I feel I'm certain to win. If I do, I plan to brew a very hoppy beer which will be known as Boner Juice."

Go here for full information about local beer-related activities this week.


Over at, A. Ruscin offers up a new set of "party pics" from the recent Sadie Soul and Kimbarely Legal DJ Night. This group doesn't look like it's composed of the standard scenesters. They're having far too much fun. And we thought KU apparel was prohibited at the Replay?

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