Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judgment Day in Larryville (and Some More Spring Into Summer Festival Coverage)

If you're of a certain (crazy) mindset, you probably believe that the world is ending this afternoon at 5:00 pm (central standard time). If you're a Godless Larryville liberal, you've probably been laughing about it all week.

Chances are that these endtimes predictions are wrong, but at the LC we're not hedging our bets, nor are we wasting our time on this blog today with Judgment Day potentially just around the corner. So how will we spend our afternoon?

Chip: "I'm thinking of beating off and maybe grabbing some lunch down at Quinton's."

Richard: "I'll probably have a few PBR's and maybe catch a screening of Jodie Foster's Beaver. Too bad there's not a good rock show at the Church of Malt Liquor scheduled for the apocalypse. Or is there?"

Then, assuming Larryville hasn't been smited for its progressive transgressions, we'll see you at the Replay and/or Jackpot tonight for the Spring Into Summer Festival. There may not be a Rapture, but there's a 60% chance of a thunderstorm to make those patio sets more interesting. In fact, as amateur meteorologists, we predict a microburst just in time for the Hospital Ships gig!

Our scenester friends Duckie and King Tosser have been specifically raving about Mouthbreathers (slated for 11:15 at the Jackpot, not that set times or schedules mean anything at Replay or Jackpot). According to the Pitch, the band has been getting some East Coast media attention, at least partly for their album cover, "a pot-infused take on harDCore vets Minor Threat's iconic Out of Step album cover. The graphic features Minor Threat's black sheep, but the band has added a bong in the sheep's hands, a playful but respectful take on such a well-known album cover."

Head over to their Bandcamp page and prepare to rock.

Chip: "Even though I didn't get the playful references, a sheep smoking a bong is still pretty hilarious."

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