Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supergroup of the Day: My Jerusalem at Replay / Scenester Vacation Spots / Captain Chanute Visits the 9th Best College Coffee Shop in the Country

Modest "supergroups" composed of members of other moderately successful scenester bands are always hip, so you may want to check out My Jerusalem at the Replay tonight, which features members of Midlake, Bishop Allen, Polyphonic Spree, Twilight Singers, and Great Northern.

Our research reveals solid if uninspiring reviews. We like this line from

"Shake the Devil' builds from a rather sweet sounding intro into a riotous whistle-fest."

Will a "whistle-fest" break out at the Replay? Can hipsters whistle? As for us, we'll be down the street at the Wanda Jackson show, so keep us posted.

My Jerusalem's new album is called Gone for Good and it has some sheep on the cover:


If you're a scenester with plenty of cash (somehow), here's the first suggestion in our new summer series called "Scenester Vacation Spots."

In June, on Hydra Island, off the Greek Coast, artist Doug Aitken will present a "multi-channel video installation combined with a live performance piece on a floating barge. Movie star Chloƫ Sevigny is the piece's lead actress, and the performance features gospel singers, male and female strippers, and a whipper. It'll also feature a live score by L.A. experimental punk duo No Age, who will perform with Greek percussionists."

Go here for more details.


We've all spent time at the 5th Best College Coffee Shop in the country (the Pig), but how many of you have visited the 9th best, Sip, at Columbia. Our New York correspondent Captain Chanute has, and he files this rant/report:

"Speaking of smart-ass students, I spent some time at the #9 selection on the list, Sip, during my graduate studies at Columbia. It's a semi-pretentious little bar, cramped as fuck (as in getting up every time the asshole sitting next to you has to take a leak) and boasts a haughty menu of vegetarian tidbits and imported cheeses, wines and lagers. The only reason this hole-in-the-wall made the list is because it serves FREE FOOD at happy hour. That's right. Free. Or rather, "free." Order a not-terribly-expensive cocktail and you'll be treated to an appetizer of decent proportion. Order as many drinks as possible between 5 and 7 and you'll likely fill yourself of some decent food. While sporting a solid buzz, at that. Only catch is that you are heavily "encouraged" to tip (i.e., charged) the amount that would normally be taxed on each dish. A meager surcharge in the larger picture. As for the coffee? Who the fuck cares. And as for the conversation? Better order another cocktail because the girl sitting next to you is going to bitch loudly on her phone about her 1500$/mo studio and how it's below her standard but her daddy wouldn't fork over more per month because he wants her to learn some "financial responsibility." Jesus Christ."

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