Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scenester Pick: Whatever Forever Label Launch Party / The Spook Lights' Galactic Jungle: A Progress Report / Multiplex Preview: Hangover 2

I Heart Local Music has already showcased Pizza Power's Whatever Forever label launch party at the TapRoom tonight, and even Lcom took a break from recipes to write about the label, which releases music on cassette (cassettes are so hip right now).

As for us, we're particularly excited to hear the "experimental noise of Agent X-12, a self-proclaimed “cyborg” who creates his own instruments, such as the “Meowtar” and the “Squibbletar" (

Chip: "I think a 'Meowtar' is just the squeezing of a cat."

According to label co-founder Bobby Sauder, "“At a show at our house, he released these little roach-bots. They vibrated and kind of walked across the ground" ( Sadly, The Man cracked down on the Pizza Power crew for noise violations at their house parties, so they're taking their events to venues like the Tap Room.

Visit Whatever Forever here and order tapes from the likes of Bo and the Locomotive:

"This tape was unearthed from beneath a stump in a great field. These songs sound as if they have always existed because they have...".

We don't get it, which is usually the sign of hipster importance, so we'll be purchasing everything Whatever Forever releases.


If you're like us, you've invested via Kickstarter in The Spook Lights' sci-fi opus The Galactic Jungle (we're looking forward to seeing our names as "Executive boners" in the credits). We're taking our role as backers very seriously, so we've been perusing the shooting script this week. Here's a particularly powerful excerpt:


Well, Gloria, I've got good news and I've got bad news.




The bad news is, your husband paid me to kill you.

Gloria clears her throat. Despite her terror, she seems to think this is some kind of joke.


The good news is, you'll never find out he's been fucking his secretary.


He's been fucking his secretary?


Who has?




Like a goddamn jackhammer.

Chip: "I realize my $10 investment doesn't mean they have to accept my 'notes,' but I'd consider having Benny make some funny jackhammer sounds and demonstrations at this point. Unless they're going for subtlety, of course."


We happily boycotted Pirates 4 last weekend (and were pleased to see that a lot of Americans boycotted 3D versions of the film, even though far, far too many people still saw the damn thing). But we'll return to multiplexes this weekend for Hangover 2 , which starts today in an extra cash-grab to kick off the holiday weekend. As students of raunchy comedy, we have to see it (even though we thought the first was vastly overrated).

Ebert says of Hangover 2:

"As if making sure no one was not offended, it has a montage of still photos over the closing titles that include one cruel shot that director Todd Phillips should never, ever have used...This is a raunch fest, yes, but not an offense against humanity (except for that photo, which is a desecration of one of the two most famous photos to come out of the Vietnam War."

Richard: "Ebert, you had me at 'offense against humanity,' although I'm fairly certain I can guess both the picture and the joke, so thanks for the spoiler!"

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