Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Festival Guide: Spring Into Summer and FestyFest / Tapping Some Firkins at Free State

It's a festival weekend in Larryville, and there's something to please hipsters and hippies alike.

Scenesters have no doubt studied the three stages of the Replay/Jackpot Spring Into Summer festival by now and decided which bands to grace with their presence. We plan to be on the scene for Hospital Ships' 8:00 patio set while wearing a Big Momma's House 2 t-shirt as a hilarious inside joke (Chip: "I don't get it.").

A couple of the bands are unfamiliar to us, so we'll buy a PBR for whoever writes in with any info on The Copperheads or Major Games.

Our buddies over at I Heart Local Music have some coverage, interviews, and a full schedule, so check it out here .

For those who prefer toking up in a pastoral setting as opposed to drinking PBR while jammed into close quarters with loud-talking scenesters, FestyFest kicks off tonight "just outside of Lawrence, Kansas." The rules about getting in seem unduly complicated for the stoned hippie demographic, so we're curious if anyone besides the musicians will actually show up. Go here to try to figure it all out.


We decided to join in for some of Free State Brewery's American Craft Beer Week festivities last night, so we dropped by the patio to witness the tapping of two firkins: Lovejoy IPA and Blacksnake. The ceremony gave Chip a boner because he thinks "tapping a firkin" sounds dirty ("I'd like to tap her firkin, if you catch my meaning!"--Chip).

Blacksnake, as it turns out, is a blend of two of Free State's flagship beers: Oatmeal Stout (black) and Copperhead (snake). Get it? Personally we're hoping for a Whitesnake blend as well, which combines Copperhead with some sort of Belgian white beer.

Chip: "I'd totally drink a Whitesnake while jamming to 'Here I Go Again' and fantasizing about Tawny Kitaen circa 1987."

Here's a picture of some townies enjoying beer from the firkins. It's a little blurry because Chip was drunk.


Duckie said...

Y'all, I cannot wait to see Mouthbreathers. Don't miss their set because they deserve your adoration.

Anonymous said...

Firkin A!