Monday, May 30, 2011

We Catch a Smooth Groove with BARRR Family Boombox, The Hips, and California Craisins

It's Memorial Day in Larryville, and we've all got a lot of PBR to drink, so let's keep this brief.

It was a hot and steamy evening on the Replay patio yesterday, and the large scenester crowd took this opportunity to wear their best retro sunglasses. Kicking off the matinee was BARRR Family Boombox, Jason and Elyse, spinning a smooth set of love tunes interspersed with occasional bouts of making out. Did Chip have a boner? We think you know the answer.

Afterwards BARRR came by and explained that the set was intended as a celebration of his status as "a married" and that there was an extremely lucrative career to be had in playing "family dance parties," at least in other, hipper cities. Then he spotted a guy wearing "a motherfucking ridiculous T-shirt with a scorpion on it" and went off to harangue that dude. Soon he broke a bottle on the floor, perhaps in fury at the ridiculous shirt.

Next up: The Hips. We were socializing at the back bar during this set, so we couldn't discern a single one of the salacious lyrics that I Heart Local Music has been praising. But with half of Drakkar Sauna on stage, not to mention a Hangauer, this was extremely hip background music. Next time we'll pay closer attention.

When California Craisins hit the stage, also wearing their sunglasses (at night!), we found a booth close by to take in their sweet harmonies and spent the set making Pitchfork-style comparisons to try and describe their sound. Our verdict: "Flying Burrito Brothers meets The Byrds meets CSNY meets Grateful Dead meets Rolling Stones circa Her Satanic Majesty's Request (?) meets Modest Mouse (?)" We may have been drunk by the time we reached those last two comparisons. At one point in the set, in a moment of pure Larryville scenester bliss, the band was joined by local scenester hero Say My Name.

Verdict: four out of four PBR's (Chip: "And maybe a doobie. Is that what they're called?").

Here's the Craisins, and below that is a Craisin cutting a rug during the Boombox set (along with that dude in the scorpion shirt).

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