Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The LC Presents: A Very Hipster Christmas!

Our hipster readers have surely been saying to themselves: "All this holiday coverage is fine, for normal people, but are there any holiday events in Larryville for us, the hipsters, which will allow us to appreciate the season while still maintaining the necessary emotional distance and ironic detachment through which we view the world?"

Well, as a matter of fact, there are several such events.

First off, the Jackpot welcomes the return of the Free Form Film Festival, which will present a program called "Holy Yule: Santa in a Strange Land," featuring "Vintage and outsider Christmas programming from the backyards and cable access stations of America... selections from: Mrs. Velma’s “American Christmas,” “Santa Clause Conquers the Martians,” “Chip the Black Boy” “Lucas’s “Wookie Holiday Special" and many many more" (

Richard: "The Star Wars holiday special, in which Chewbacca travels home to celebrate Life Day with the Wookies, aired only once, in 1977. It's unfairly maligned and actually quite moving, as I believe you'll understand after you hear this special song:

Chip: "The segment of this Jackpot presentation called 'Chip the Black Boy' is not about me. I'm a white man. Still, you should check out this actual clip of the program, which is called "The Junior Christian Bible Story Puppet Show" and features a black puppet named Chip who has some powerful things to teach you about religion:

On the same evening, The TapRoom welcomes its annual Christmas appearance by Slick Rhodes (below), who claims to be a Texas troubadour passing through on a coast to coast tour but is actually...the seasonal persona of local bearded hipster icon Art Dodge! Sure, if you're a hipster, you've seen Dodge perform a dozen times this year, but you haven't seen him do his Slick Rhodes since last December.

See you on the town!


Ashley said...

OMG! OMG! OMFG! We saw Chip The Black Boy several years ago on TV. Appropriate reaction: Mouth open, jaw drop, rub eyes, vomit.

a major hipster discovery said...

I can't believe I'm just now seeing this!

(and that the Jackpot is screening it tomorrow!).

ron popeil said...

"Local musician Charlie Downey broke his finger playing basketball and two hipster bands, The Dactyls and Naomi What? (feauturing Charlie), are performing a show to raise money for his medical bills."

A benefit for a broken finger? Seriously? What happened to the benefits for Multiple Sclerosis or lung cancer? A broken thumb? To quote one of my favorite infomercials, "Set it and forget, bitch."

jim henson said...

Wait, is the sun going to smite me, or is not going to smite me? Chip and his fellow puppets (that's some top-notch ventriloquism there!) are sending mixed puppet-Bible messages! How am I going to explain to St. Peter that he really should let me in the Pearly Gates because I just got a couple of things backwards due to that douchebag dog puppet misreading Scripture!?

But, Mr. Hipster, don't feel badly - these puppets lost their hipster cred a while back when they were on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a bastion of unhipsterness (Sarah Silverman notwithstanding).

lame jokester of the day said...

If you don't know Naomi's last name, you really shouldn't try to plug the band!

resident of mulholland drive said...

And shouldn't the band's name really be Naomi What?What?, if, in fact, it's a play on this Babraham Lincoln:

hipsters need love too said...

Please visit us at

It's hard to drink a PBR with broken fingers!

First Corinthians said...

Yer turn, Dan!

"The Lord openth the eyes of the blind!"

--That just made my Christmas!

PS -- The sun shall not smote thee by day, you hippie fucks!

PPS -- The wife sez: "Oh my Jesus!" No, she really said that!

a hippie fuck said...

Prepare to get smoted!

gag me with a gundark said...

Life Day Sucks! I can't believe this is the second time it's come up this week!

Unfortunately seeing this clip has busted my memory cap and now all my horrific early childhood memories are recurring!