Friday, February 20, 2009

More Piano Bar News! / Plus, a Look at Today's LJ-World Oscar Coverage

Certain local stories captivate the boys and demand continuing coverage here, such as last year's battle to "Save the T," this year's domestic hedgehog legislation, and the rise and fall of the great synth-duo Transmittens.

The March opening of the new "dueling piano bar" called The Barrel House in the former home of Last Call promises to be another such story. Fascinationg tidbits continue to be revealed, such as today's announcement in the UDK that the co-owners of the new establishment are Emily and Alex Akers, twin sisters and KU Seniors.

Chip: "Like all normal men, I have a fantasy about banging twins. I hope they are hot."

Richard: "I hope they slide around on top of the pianos in red dresses while singing 'Makin' Whoopee,' a la Fabulous Baker Boys."

Chip: "I don't get that reference, but I hope so too."

The bar is slated to open on March 27, and the boys will see you there on opening night.


With the Academy Awards this Sunday, the LJ-World naturally devotes a full page to the broadcast today, relying on the best available local film experts: Larryville high-school students.

While it's an excellent idea to gauge the views of the youth on this year's crop of films, Richard was forced to stop reading after this early sentence:

"Interestingly, none of the four film students gathered from Lawrence High had seen any of the best picture nominees."

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