Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Boys Consider KU's New "Men of Merit" Calendar / Plus, a Topless Coffee Shop?!

Some years back, KU developed a "Women of Distinction" calendar as a sort of academically-focused counterpart to the classic "Women of KU" calendar, which is centered primarily around titties. Now a new calendar called "Men of Merit" is being developed, which "aims to provide positive role models for young men and identify people who are bucking trends that show increasing numbers of men dropping out of school" (LJ-World). The calendar will draw on students, faculty, and administration, and the boys are hoping to be included among the lucky 12 ("Meet Richard N.ggle, professor by day, raunchy blogger by night").

Chip: "First off, I've never felt a real need for the 'Women of Distinction" calendar. Surely the women of the 'Women of KU' calendar are distinctive enough, not to mention far hotter. Just take a look at this shot, from a photo shoot for the upcoming 2009 'Women of KU' calendar, and tell me there aren't at least two very 'distinct' things about it:

Also, when will KU produce a 'beefcake' calendar to titillate the ladies. I'd rather be a hunk of beef than a man of merit, myself."


The boys often sit around and ponder various businesses they'd like to see open up in downtown Larryville (late-night diners; fried chicken franchises; Victoria's Secret). But somehow the perfection of the following idea escaped their consideration: a topless coffee shop.

Grand View Coffee, in the small New England town of Vassalboro, Maine, recently opened as a topless coffee shop, attracting big business in its opening days. A story reports: "Many local residents were irate over the idea of combining coffee and nudity. Crabtree, however, saw a profitable business venture. "I know what people want," he said. "People like nudity, and coffee is profitable."

Richard: "This would make grading papers in a coffee shop much more interesting and I'm fairly certain I'd give better grades as a result."

Chip: "One soy latte and one lap-dance, please. I'm sold. Best idea ever."

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Dr. C said...

And it's gotta witty name, too, better than most coffee-shop pun names.