Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Boys Consider a New Local Sports Controversy! / Plus, the LC's Consumer Corner / Also, The Critics Weigh in on Harry Lupus!

Many local basketball fans, wary of changes in tradition, are in an uproar over the piped-in loudspeaker techno music (similar to an NBA game) which supplemented the band at this week's Iowa State game.

LJ-World sports-columnist Tom Keegan offers this analysis in today's paper:

"The day Major League Baseball cranked up the volume spelled the end to father-and-son chats about the benefits and drawbacks of drawing in the infield. It's shocking KU has gone down this road, considering the customer-friendly, classy nature of recent improvements to the game experience in both football and basketball."

Chip: "If Keegan equates 'classiness' with a sea of frat boys and sorostitutes shouting 'Rip his fucking head off' after an afternoon spent boozing and boning each other, then I agree one hundred percent."


Occasionally the LC likes to consider new products and new trends that catch their fancy. Today we offer three things that we're enjoying at the present moment.

1) Firefly Distillery's "Sweet Tea Vodka"

Richard: "In the South, we love our sweet tea! And this beverage is going to make boring family dinners a lot more interesting."

2) Martin Margiela Spring 2008 Tabi shoe

LC-supporter and local fashion maven Beth pointed out this sexy new fashion trend to the boys. Yes, it's a shoe/boot that looks a lot like what's often referred to as "camel toe," which is despised by some and loved by others (for those unclear on the term, let's look at this amusing definition from "A very aesthetically pleasing phenomenon, whereby a woman's venus mound is clearly discernable under the snug fabric of her lower garment. Typically, the fuller the labia, the more pleasing the effect."

And what does Chip think of this new fashion trend?

Chip: "Dude, I'd totally screw that shoe."

3) Iphone's "iFart" application

Yes, it's an application (or "app," as cool people call it) that allows your phone to make farting sounds. Recently, it was the number-one downloaded application for the Iphone.

Richard: "Farting is hilarious. But I also enjoy using my phone to make telephone calls."


With Richard's Harry Lupus series well underway, local critics have had a chance to weigh in. Let's take a look at what folks are saying:

Cl.thier, local troubadour and poet: "Perhaps the moon, a prevalent and positive symbol in much "feminine" literature and often associated with the Triple Goddess (Graves) should be a sort of nemesis to Harry - a harbinger of doom and evil, rather than the symbol of sensuality and femininity it appears to be in the Norville excerpt."

Dr. X, Southern professor: "Once we start publishing this on Twitter, we're going to get rich as fuck."

Heather, local pastor and Harry Potter fan: "It's easily the worst part of the blog. I quit reading after two of them."

Richard, author: "It's funny because it's actually less ridiculous than the shit people are really reading!"


Dr. X: Southern Professor said...

This is actually something I likely said!

Also, this boot makes me incredibly frisky towards Beth's fashion blogs. Also, somewhat towards beth herself!

Kip: still a rat bastard!

--Twitter will be up sooner than one would expect!

the journalist said...

All of those quotes were pretty much exact this time!

cl.thier said...

That boot disturbs me in ways I'm unable (or maybe unwilling) to articulate. I pray these don't catch on.

The camel symbolizes obviousness said...


Cl&thier has cleary ducked this boot!

--I read Freud!

is a cigar just a cigar? said...

Ducked or fucked?