Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Boys Consider the "Baby Mangino" Picture / Also, Weekend Box-Office Results / Plus, the LC is Ready to Get Its Mardi Gras On!

Surely all local sports fans have seen the hilarious picture of five-month old Bode Lubbers dressed as KU football coach Mark Mangino, a picture that's been making its rounds on the internet for awhile now. Today the LJ-World steps in with a full-page profile of the tyke, complete with steps on how to turn your own fat little baby into a side-splitting internet sensation:

"As it happens, turning your baby into a bite-sized version of Mark Mangino is not a difficult task. It requires a miniature KU track suit ($24.99, Target), a tube of brown Mary Kay eyeliner ($10, consultant) and approximately five minutes." (LJ-World)

Chip: "Eighteen years from now Bode will be a fratboy at KU and that picture is going to get him laid like crazy, so long as he loses a little bit of weight between now and then."


With the Oscar telecast tonight, moviegoers across America probably spent the weekend boning up on last year's greatest cinematic achievements. Right? Maybe not. Number one this weekend, with $41 million dollars, is Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail, the latest in this series about a wise-cracking black granny (played by Mr. Perry) who teaches important moral lessons to her family (and all of us). With America in a constant state of uproar over the racial implications of Obama-related political cartoons, here is a welcome respite for everyone to laugh like hell at offensive racial caricatures presented as family entertainment.

Chip: "First off, men dressing like women is always funny, unless it's a drag show, in which case it's serious and important."

Richard: "I love when movies announce their basic premise in the title and I hope this is as good as Ernest Goes To Jail, which was very good indeed."


And speaking of men dressing like women, will the boys be participating in the Bourgeois Pig's Mardi Gras Cross-Dressing Party on this Fat Tuesday? Or will they be around the corner at the Sandbar, drinking Hurricanes and handing out beads in exchange for seeing sweet sorostitute titties? With any luck, they'll make it to both events, and report back with tawdry tales to delight you all.

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