Monday, February 23, 2009

Larryville Gets a "Gourmet Burger" Joint (in Dempsey's Irish Pub?) / Plus, the Boys' Music Round-up

Most people don't even know Larryville has a Dempsey's Irish Pub, much less that Dempsey's now has a "Burger Stand" manned by a local gourmet chef, dishing out burgers that can be topped with apple chutney, shallot-bacon marmalade, pickled cauliflower, and tzatziki sauce.

Chip: "Well, Dempsey's is rarely open when it's supposed to be and there's never been more than five people in there at any given time as best as I can tell. I give this 'Burger Stand' three weeks, tops. As for me, I'll eat my beef at Jefferson's while watching the sorostitutes."

Richard: "I like Five Guys Burgers and Fries myself, mainly because it rhymes."

But what do the locals on the LJ-World on-line message boards think. Let's take a look:

Jeremy (Anonymous) says: "This is just free advertising for Compton's failing bar.
For what he and the bank did to Rick's place, I will never, ever, eat or drink there!"


Besides Cl.thier's acoustic hip-hop jam at the Yacht Club on Friday, are the boys anticipating any other upcoming musical experiences? It just so happens they are.

As our regular readers know, Richard has three primary indie chicks he wants to bang: Zooey, Jenny [Lewis], and Neko [Case]. Neko's new record "drops" next week and is said to challenge old-fans with an experimental closing number full of chirping crickets and frogs. It's called "Marais la Nuit," (Night Swamp] which "is 32 minutes long, uses four-minute repeated loops, is amphibian in its tonalities and comforting in its effect." (New York Magazine).

Richard: "Wow, I've often dreamed of banging Neko while listening to frogs chirp."

And what's on the horizon for Chip? He's excited about DJ Spooky's upcoming Lied Center performance next month called "Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica," described as "a multimedia performance rooted in man’s relationship with nature, featuring field sound recordings and images of Antarctica." (

Chip: "When I see a DJ, I expect to be able to shake my ass. Can I shake my ass to this? At the Lied Center? Yes, I can, and will."


cl.thier said...

I went to Dempsey's once. Once. I stood at the bar with a group of friends for five minutes as the bartender chatted with his buddy, glancing down our way every now and then. We eventually left, without being helped as the bartender said something smart-alecky in our wake. Like Anonymous Jeremy, I too would like to see Dempsey's fail.

local bar historian said...

Judging from the quick residencies of the Mad Hatter and, my favorite, "The Bar," it almost certainly will.

But Rick's Place lives! (on 9th Street).