Friday, February 27, 2009

The Boys Consider This Weekend's Movie Releases and Richard Recommends a New Band / Plus, This Week in Campus News!

The early months of the year are often considered a sort of dumping ground in which studios release a few pictures that aren't worthy of the summer action season or winter awards contenders.. Even so, this weekend looks to have a couple of good choices: Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience and Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li.

Chip: "The Jonas Brothers 3-D Experience allows 13-year old girls to feel as if they're getting a lapdance from their idols. It's a very healthy thing."

Richard: "I'll wait for someone to make the Zooey Deschanel 3-D experience! Street Fighter, on the other hand, looks excellent, but it will be hard to match Jean Claude Van Damme's memorable turn as Col. William F. Guile in the 1994 version."

Chip: "Movies based on video games get a bad rap from critics but there have been some very fine performances indeed in these films. Take, for instance, Bob Hoskin's great turn as Mario Mario in Super Mario Brothers."

Richard: "Right. And the fact that Dennis Hopper failed to get a supporting actor nod as King Koopa in that film is ridiculous. In many ways, it's as scary as his work as Frank Booth in Lynch's Blue Velvet."

See you in the lobby, readers.


Hipsters, if you've worn out your Transmittens' on vinyl, perhaps you should turn your attention to another quirky duo, Mountains, out of Brooklyn. The New Yorker describes them as follows: "The group, a creation of two art-school graduates who've been friends since junior high, mix gentle soundscapes, often derived from field recordings of thunderstorms or the rustling pages of a book, with spare guitar parts and other instrumental touches like accordion or organ."

Chip: "I stopped reading after 'art-school graduates.'"

Cl.thier: "In the background of my Yacht Club set tonight I'll be employing field recordings of local trains, which I believe will serve as a powerful complement to my ballads about hoboes and traveling."


This has been "sexual awareness" week at KU. (Chip and Richard: "Believe us, we're always very sexually aware of the nubile campus women."). The festivites wind down tonight with a pub crawl, starting at Henry's at 10:00, to gather signatures in support of a comprehensive sex-education plan in schools.

Chip: "I'll bet that at least one of the sorostitutes involved in this pub crawl gets herself knocked up by the time the night's over."


cl.thier said...

Speaking of hoboes and traveling, don't forget this classic Will Ferrell SNL skit...

The final commentary to "Forever in Blue Jeans" ups the hilarity!

G Spot Boyz said...

Don't forget about the Stanky Legg!