Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Boys Consider Metal Bands and Mardi Gras!

Aside from a few hipster metal bands (The Esoteric!), Larryville clubs rarely provide a venue to thrash in, playing host instead to a never-ending parade of twee bedroom pop and freak folk. Tonight that will change, as the Jackpot welcomes the "doom metal" of Goblin Cock, who perform in "black hooded robes with downtuned Metallica axes" and are fronted by someone named Lord Phallus (

Chip: "I believe their name is some sort of sexual innuendo, but I can't quite figure it out."

Richard: "The idea of hipsters in a mosh pit makes me giggle. Won't they spill their PBR?"


Also on the horizon is Fat Tuesday, and the boys do love their Mardi Gras festivities.

Chip: "Aside from Stop Day (which may soon end if we don't fight the power), Fat Tuesday is the best day to see titties on the street. And I love the idea that you can see them in exchange for cheap plastic beads, which are much less expensive than the usual two or three shots of Yagermeister it costs a man to see some breasts."

Richard: "And don't forget the Percolator's Mardi Gras Mask-erade this Saturday, readers! One can only imagine it will resemble the orgy scene from Eyes Wide Shut."


saint eustace said...

The fine "volks" of Wolfenbuttel would like the LC to know that it's "Jagermeister" with a "J" (and an umlaut) and not a "Y".

nog said...

Oh yeah. I'm so scared of that drink I can't even spell it properly.