Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's In and What's Out in LFK : We Lose a Parade, But We Gain a Gastropub

In this occasional new column, we ponder things that are new, things that are cancelled, and things that sadly exist no more in LFK (such as Free State fries and, soon, porch couches).


Let's start with the beloved Band Day Parade. It's cancelled this year due to an early KU football start time.  Luckily, there's still the St. Patrick's Day parade, the Earth Day parade, the Mardi Gras parade led by Mike and Katie, the art-car parade, the Zombie Walk, the old-fashioned horse parade, and the homecoming parade (returning to downtown this year).  And probably others that we're forgetting.  But we really love that fucking Band Day parade.

The Fall Book Sale?  Cancelled.  Due to books contaminated by bedbugs.  Gross.

Free State Glass, home to LFK's most legendary Christmas party:  it's been declared "uninhabitable" by the City Fathers and isn't likely to return. Details here via LJ-World.


But surely there's some light on the horizon?

Perhaps you've been wishing you could see The Goonies projected on a giant inflatable movie screen in the middle of a closed-down block of Mass. Street.  It might happen (though we assume the City Fathers will reject the proposal).  Details here

Also, Merchants Pub and Plate is supposed to open soon (next week?).    We can't wait to munch on this Crispy Walleye Sandwich pictured below (the photo is via Style on the Hill).   Perhaps Merchant's could also start serving the old Free State fries and immediately win back those of us who remain bitter and lost.  Our friends in Black on Black recently coined a catchphrase and hashtag for the growing movement to restore the old fries:  Spuds of Sorrow.  Use it often.

And when is Basil Leaf Cafe opening in the old Joe's Bakery location?  Soon, we hope, because we can't wait to stop in at Jensen's for a case of PBR and then dash next door for a gigantic serving of lasagna big enough for four meals! And they've even got a liquor license at Basil Leaf now that they're moving out of the gas-station digs.  Visit the FB page at the link above and note that the new place is looking downright swanky. Look at this bar top!

Also, there's a new parking garage downtown if you're into that kind of thing, featuring a popular shuttle service to the KU football games.  Apparently some of the rides to the stadium for the home opener took 75 minutes.  Ouch.

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