Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weekend Picks: KU Football, Rap, Reunions, Spinach Festivals, and More

After taking a break on the first weekend of the season, KU football will finally take the field on Saturday in what's predicted to be another disheartening season.  But perhaps Weis's self-described "pile of crap" will manage to eke out more than one win this season?  We're feeling strangely hopeful.

Let's take a look at one of the many long ramblings to be found over at KUSports and see how fans are feeling as the season nears.

BayHawk says:

"Alright, I'm calling out all the kool-aid drinkers. You know who you are. The ones we hear from nearly every day on this site waxing poetic about how wonderful this transfer is or how magnificent our receivers are or how our Deon-like corners are going to finally play press coverage. A year ago as soon as things got a little tough, as soon as the writing was on the wall, you disappeared and we never heard from you again. Only the true KU football fans were left to dissect the carnage. What about this year? If we're not 4-0 are you going to pretend you were never really a fan? Are you going to shut the game off at halftime and go wash your car along with the rest of the fair-weather fans?"

Chip:  "Oh, BayHawk, get your facts straight.  We don't 'wash our cars' at halftime.  We sit in our cars and drink whiskey and cry."


You almost certainly already know about the debut of the Bottleneck's new, all-ages rap showcase on Friday...because the flyers are pasted on damn near available surface in town!  It stars Ebony Tusks and many, many more.  Plus, free pizza!  The kids like pizza.  Check out the FB event page here.

Our pals at I Heart Local Music are hosting another showcase at the Jackpot on Friday featuring the ever-wacky Dean Monkey and the Dropouts and Middle Twin, which is apparently Brain Food with a new name?  Damn, the scene moves so fast!   The FB event page is here.


Return to the Bottleneck on Saturday for a reunion show from The Ultraviolets, an early former project of CIB's Katlyn Conroy. You may have encountered them in the bygone era of 2003-2006 here in LFK.  Or maybe you'll meet them for the first time on Saturday.  Also on the bill is KC's Monster and LFK's Paper Buffalo, who have the youngest fans in town.  Find links to all the bands on the FB event page here.

We asked Katlyn to send us an amusing blurb to promote the show and here's what she passed along:

"Seven years ago, in the height of their youth, 5 Lawrence teenagers came together with the purpose of shaking up the Junior High/Highschool music scene forever. They...did an okay job. Now, all grown up--they reunite for one last show."

The Ultraviolets was my first band ever, and we did some pretty cool things, aside from selling out Lawrence lunch rooms and winning 10th grade battle-of-the-bands. We got to play pretty frequently with Lawrence indie darlings Conner, got close to selling out the Granada at our first show, and most importantly, that's where I first met and played with Marty in his solo project, The Sister Maria.

This will be a really silly show, and I'll be prancing around the stage as the front woman. No keyboard! 

The incredible Monster from Kansas City will be opening and Paper Buffalo will be playing second.
Doors are at 8, show at 9.


And don't forget Saturday's Lenexa Spinach Festival if you're in need of a weekend road trip or something more exciting than KU football.  Apparently Lenexa was deemed the "spinach capital of the world" in the 1930's.  Who knew?

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