Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deeper Into Movies, Vol. IV: Outlaws, Mountain Hippies, and Warriors / Wednesday Scenester Pick: Dead Mockingbirds at Replay

There's plenty to complain about in LFK right now (porch couch ban, new fries at Free State, Wow Cable not carrying FXX and therefore preventing local slackers from easily watching the new season of Always Sunny, etc etc).  But we're choosing to turn our attention back to the new movie column once again.

So what's of interest in KC and LFK?

If you're a fanboy, you're probably fucking furious at Ben Affleck right now after he dared to accept an offer to play Batman  (personally, we think he'll make a perfectly adequate Dark Knight).  But don't take that anger out on his younger brother, the better actor, who has a new film out with the grammatically-strange title Ain't Them Bodies Saints.  It looks like a total riff on Malick's classic Badlands, and that's okay with us.  We're pretty big Casey Affleck fans based on Gone, Baby, Gone and The Asssassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford, so we'll see this ASAP.  It's at the Tivoli, but it's also OnDemand.


Liberty hosts the ever-popular BANFF Mountain Film Festival, which has expanded to three nights this year and runs from Thursday-Sunday.  It doesn't appeal to us, but then again we're not mountain hippies.  It's already sold out for Friday and Saturday, but you can still scoop up Thursday tickets or perhaps trade some weed for weekend passes.  Visit the Liberty Hall site here .

The cult pick of the weekend at Alamo KC is Walter Hill's The Warriors, which screens at 10:30 on Saturday.  "Warriors, come out to play...ay!" 


The Replay has cool stuff every night this week, and tonight brings Texas trio Dead Mockingbirds ("We will drunk-fuck your ears," promises their FB bio).  We love their "Super Tiny Tour" poster because we spotted an old favorite haunt of ours on there:  Vino's in Little Rock, which we sincerely hope is the same old dive it used to be and still selling black-as-tar jugs of Lazy Boy Stout.  Check out some gritty tunes via Soundcloud.  Also on the bill:  the decidedly quieter Shy Boys from KC, who are back in town for the second time in a week!