Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Important Anniversary of the Week: Frank's North Star Turns One! / Talkbackers Talk Back About LFK's Poor Economic Outlook

One of the great things about Frank's North Star is that it feels like it's ALWAYS been a part of local boozing culture.  What the hell did people do in No Law in the pre-Frank's era anyway? (besides occasional basement cockfights).  Believe it or not, though, Frank's is celebrating a mere one-year anniversary with a weekend long bash starting this Friday.  Visit the FB event page here for some details, which doesn't bother to include times but no matter:  you'll be drinking there all weekend anyway.

We're also fond of the following flyer from MAW's FB page (give them a "like" over here).  Their show falls on Star Wars Day, and we hear the ladies will be donning the legendary Princess Leia gold-bikini costumes for the show! 


LFK likes to think it's the absolute tits when it comes to just about everything (did you know we have a new "cultural district!").  But the city received a rather bracing setback yesterday when a study by the Milken Institute ranked Lawrence the "second-worst-performing small metro area" in the US.

Chip:  "Second-worst-performing?  Have they not seen the buskers performing at Busker Fest?  We're supposed to have the world's greatest unicyclist in town this year, for fuck's sake!"

We don't think that's the kind of "performing" in question here, Chip.  It seems to be centered largely around LFK's  lack of "high-tech knowledge-based jobs."

Let's turn to the LJ-World talkbackers to see how the townsfolk feel about this assessment of our fair city (check out the full LJ-World article and talkback here.

LogicMan says:  "At least we have an automated trash truck!"

smileydog says: "We live in a stagnated town these days. The true visionaries have left except for a few stragglers. The Chamber is full of inbreds..."

cheeseburger says:  " Business and industry unfriendly. Failing infrastructure. Too much focus on history and arts. Silly ordinances. Far left leaning constituency. Yeah, I'd say that rating is well-deserved."

bbohning says:   "Lawrence?! - A midwestern city with a City Council dominated by an Eastern Lawrence ("let's keep Lawrence artsy and cultural man!") mentality-a mentality which is inherently resistant to growth (re-zoning is not difficult with a functioning city council), a developer/development group that owns vasts amount of land but is in bed with the City enough to demand the kick-backs when and where they see fit, and an electorate that's all to willing to vote for people that simply peg the meter."

and catfishturkeyhunter says: "Lawrence is a nice town, I like it alright."

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