Friday, April 6, 2012

Scenester Picks of the Day: Guitar Wolf at Bottleneck and Concrete Rivals at Replay / Progressive Local Website of the Week

Readers, half of Larryville is over at the Middle of the Map fest this weekend, and we're monitoring their tweets carefully. But those of you hanging in LFK should make your way down to the Guitar Wolf show at the Bottleneck tonight (read our interview with those nuts over here ).

We'll almost certainly be passed out by the time they hit the stage, so we'll content ourselves with the "sharkcore" and "surf n' thrash" sounds of Concrete Rivals at the Replay matinee around 7:00. Check out their description:

"Driven by a love for the raw guitar melodies of instrumental surf hits of the 60's, The Concrete Rivals combine the reverb- drenched sounds of The Ventures and Dick Dale with the straight-ahead rock and speed of The Who and early Metallica."

Visit their Bandcamp page here to listen to new album Eat Their Weight in Snakes.


With Compton's resort hotel about to be debated by the City Fathers again next week, now is a good time to visit the Save Lawrence blog of our East Larryville friends and frighten yourself silly with renderings of how it's going to trample over the Rhode Island Historic District like Godzilla.

Check out the site here .

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