Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LFK's Rock Musical on Edgar Allen Poe / Brownback Declares "Cowboy Poetry Week" / Record Store Day Preview

Although the front desk of the Lawrence Arts Center was completely oblivious to the event as of 4:00 yesterday afternoon, we nonetheless stopped by the Arts Center last night to watch Ric Averill and company film a music video for "Annabel Lee" as part of their rock-musical about Edgar Allen Poe (called Grotesque Arabesque). Perhaps befitting its subject matter, this was a languid piece, accompanied by swirling imagery of sea-women and culminating in a strange, soft-rock guitar solo by Eric Mardis (of Split Lip and Jesus Christ Superstar fame). While our guest critic BARRR mostly described the piece in terms of its "cheesy" and "gay" qualities, we're curious to see how it might fit in with the musical as a whole (which we hope contains a blistering rocked-up reading of "The Raven").


It's National Poetry Month and Governor Brownback, notorious hater of the arts, has declared this week to be Cowboy Poetry Week in Kansas (presumably cowboy poetry is the one genre of art he can tolerate). At the suggestion of our good buddies over at Geekbauchery, we're looking for someone to compose a bit of "gay cowboy poetry" with the title "Brownback Mountain" to be tweeted around the interwebs (and perhaps read outside the Capitol). Any takers?

Visit the Geekbauchery site here and check out all manner of naughty, geeky, boner-inducing stuff such as Cosplay photos from last week's C2E2 con in Chicago (but DO remember that the site is NSFW).


Readers, this Saturday brings not only the world's largest nachos contest at KU but also...Record Store Day! It's one of the most important scenester holidays.

One of the biggest Record Store Day releases this year is a collaboration album called "Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends" which will feature the Lips joining forces with the likes of Bon Iver and Jim James (we thought it was Yim Yames?).

We tend to love adorable things (such as tiny animals and Transmittens), but baby-talk annoys us, so we're immediately turned off by the "Fwends" in the title. But we'll still kick the shit out of you to grab a copy.

As always, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Love Garden rules before the event:

"As far as first dibs for the exclusive items, we'll be handing out numbers to people just before we open at 10am. The first person in line gets the first number, and so on. Each individual will get to grab 5 items to purchase from the exclusives table. We'll proceed through all the numbers until everyone who was in line BEFORE 10am gets their turn at the exclusives table. After everyone with a number has had their turn, then we'll lift the 5 items per-person limit."

Get in line now and prove you're the most serious record nerd in town!!


Dr. C said...

Surely you will keep us apprised of the progress of the Edgar Allen Poe rock musical and when/where we can access said videos?

Plus, I don't know what you're talking about Geekbauchery is perfectly SFW--at my job!

Dr. C said...

Dylan Rider is the perfect source material for an upcoming blog on "flappers with implants"!

quoth the Chipper said...

Dr. C! Yeah, this rock musical is hard to pin down. I think there's been workshop performances but not sure if/when an actual production might occur. But presumably the video shoot will surface! Will definitely link it up, if so.