Monday, April 16, 2012

This Week in Local Sports: Kansas Relays, World's Largest Nachos, and Jeff Withey Reads a Book About Bears / Local Missed Connection of the Week

Readers, if you're like us you are getting hyped for this week's Kansas Relays. For us, it's not so much because we want to witness the world's best track and field competitors (although we do like the downtown shot put event which puts oblivious scenesters in serious danger of an ill-tossed head-boinking), but because we want to witness KU break the Guinness record for the world's largest serving of nachos during Saturday's event.

Marvel at these stats if you will:

860 pounds of nacho cheese
200 pounds of Salty Iguana’s famous Iguana Dip
600 pounds of fresh salsa, tomatoes, and cilantro
860 pounds of beef
1,200 pounds of beans
315 pounds of jalapenos
600 pounds of tortilla chips

4,450 total pounds of nachos!

We'll see you at Memorial Stadium on Saturday!

In other sports news, one of our favorite recent photos comes from our friends at Lawrence Public Library. Yes, it's Jeff Withey reading a book about bears!


We haven't showcased a local Craigslist Missed Connection in awhile, but here's a recent music-related post that amuses us:

"I came home from work last night and as I got out of my car my ears filled with bliss. Some slow, doomish band was practicing near my house. I couldn't tell which house it was coming from, I'm not good with acoustics. I wanted to come over and ask you to turn it up. What band is this? Who are you? Can I have you over for a cocktail? It was the neighborhood by the train tracks between 7th and 8th and new York."

So, which band is this, readers? We know you know.

And do you think the post is sincere or is this someone trying to ascertain the address so they can call in a noise complaint? Also, wouldn't it be pretty easy to just walk around until locating the source of this doom metal?

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