Monday, April 9, 2012

What's New in Larryville: New Mayors, New Bars, New Burgers

Readers, this new column will focus on recent happenings in our fair city that may or may not have caught your attention while you were dozing the afternoon away in a pleasant PBR-buzz.

First off, Larryville's new mayor, Bob Schumm, assumed duties recently. Let's all raise a Fat Tire Amber Ale in his honor....right now!! (Chip: "I love when I get inside jokes.").

Next up: Larryville's burger hunger seemingly knows no bounds. Except for maybe Smashburger. That shit closed quickly! But from Smashburger's Westside ashes a satellite outpost of Bigg's Barbecue will soon rise that will focus primarily on burgers such as the Jayhog (half ground beef and half ground bacon). Yes, Chip is salivating right now.

And finally, there's about to be a new reason to head across the bridge to No Law. (previous reasons: Johnny's pizza, titties at the Dirty Bird, and talking about "drugggz" with BARRR). Our scenester friends seem quite excited by the prospect of Frank's North Star Tavern on Locust Street. Frank's FB page promises that the Tavern is "going to be a cozy get-away with lots of couches and coziness. And booze. And an Android's Dungeon. (seriously)."

[also, is there really a new Northside "European-style beer garden" in the Gaslight location? We've heard tell of such!]

Give Frank's a "like" on FB over here and click for a closer look at the coziness.


Projector said...

Attention ye Chroniclers of Burger Wizardry: Feast your eyes on this savory video of an old-fashioned New York burger joint in our latest blog post

Anonymous said...

Sauline walked by this place with the dog last Sunday morning. Through the window you could see a couch with a PBR can on the floor next to it. Has potential. The 'new' Gaslight has bikes to rent so Chip can take lady friends on joyrides along the river.

Anonymous said...

"Here's to your f**k, Frank!"