Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dean Monkey and the Dropouts Recap / Earth Day Parade / Saturday and Sunday Scenester Picks: Cults at Granada and Ghosty at Love Garden

Readers, if you believe the forecast (and we certainly do), the tornado apocalypse is fucking imminent! But with the new weather announcements employing such scientific terminology as "unsurvivable," (we're not kidding: read about it here ), there doesn't seem to be much point in preparing. You might as well just enjoy your weekend as best you can.

We spent our Friday evening at Love Garden listening to the high-energy doo wop of Dean Monkey and the Dropouts.

Chip: "They played the best song I've ever heard about ejaculations. Or at least the one with the loveliest harmonies. Even today I'm still singing lines such as “Fountains of love sweetly sprayed across your bed."

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the evening, however, was the home brew served up by one of the Dropouts' fathers. Thanks, Joe! Why can't all bands have a Dad who brings the hand-crafted booze to the masses! Here are the four different varieties we sampled:

And visit our friend Karen's Larryville Artists blog here for great pictures of the band and the audience.

This morning we headed out to the Earth Day parade. Sure, it's a week early, but for Larryville progressives Earth Day is like Christmas morning, and this year they just couldn't wait! Check out this gang of troubadours from the Merc:

Tonight brings Larryville's buzziest show of the weekend as Cults arrives at the Granada bringing its grab bag of songs which borrow from "traditionally teen music-- girl groups, 50s prom-pop, bedroom indie pop" (Pitchfork). Since the show is all-ages, expect it to be full of teenagers (who have no conception of any of those aforementioned genres).

And, assuming LFK is still standing on Sunday evening, Ghosty headlines an early show at Love Garden with the Hips starting at six (this will be followed by a huge record-release show at the Replay next Friday with Fourth of July).

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