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Special 4/20 Interview With Larryville Legends Fourth of July: "It is a well known fact that we have the hottest chicks at our shows."

Dudes, it's 4/20 in LFK and we're chatting with Brendan Hangauer from Fourth of July. While Brendan is too much of a gentleman to delve deeply into Chip's salacious queries about the local groupie scene, we nonetheless got him to share a funny story about Justin Roelof's wiener, as well as provide "Wu Tang Clan monikers" for the band members. Oh, and there's also some actual information about Fourth of July's new album and the promise of a new song called "Drinking Binge" to be unveiled tonight!

As you already know (if you're any kind of scenester), Fourth of July, along with Mary Fortune, are opening up Ghosty's record release party tonight at the Replay. Check out this terrific Mary Fortune song on Bandcamp here and keep up with Fourth of July and all their buddies at Rangelife Records over here . And of course scoop up the new Ghosty over here . We heard Ghosty rocking at Love Garden last Sunday and those new tunes are polished and pristine!

Richard: You guys sort of seem like the essence of the Larryville scene. Is it simply because you’ve all worked at Jensen’s and drink a shitload of PBR and Hamm’s, or is there something special about your sound that somehow gets to the heart of LFK?

Brendan: I think it is a mix of living and working in Lawrence for way too long.

Chip: One time our friend King Tosser told me that you guys had, hands-down, the sexiest groupies in Lawrence. Then I went to see you at the Replay and it was really just the same old scenester sausage-fest out there. So, (a) is there really a significant Lawrence groupie-scene and, if so, (b) are you guys making the fucking most of it?

Brendan: (a) Chip, I'm not sure what show you were at but it is a well known fact that we have the hottest chicks at our shows. (b) we don't kiss and tell but I will just give one clue: yes.

Richard: I’ve seen you play a number of times over the years and the last time was one of the most memorable. It was during a good old fashioned Kansas thunderstorm on the Replay patio about 10:00 at night, possibly during last year’s Spring Into Summer fest? Tell us about a personal favorite show you’ve played in Larryville or elsewhere.

Brendan: 4th of July on 4th of July at the Replay is always the best. (except for the year I forgot all the words).

Chip: No matter what you all go on to write, my favorite song of yours is always going to be “She’s in Love” and my favorite line is always going to be “goddam I never thought of that / my goddam heart is frozen in the past.” It just makes me want to shout along EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Do you have a personal favorite lyric from any of your songs?

Brendan: I spend a lot of time on the lyrics of the songs. My brother's favorite lyric from a new song is: "I'm not saying I don't love her/ I'm not saying I don't care/ and the stars remind me I'm in the middle of nowhere." I don't know. I like them all.

Richard: We hear there’s a new album in the works. What can you tell us about it and will be hearing any songs from it during your set at the Ghosty album release show at the Replay?

Brendan: We are 90% done with a new album that we have been recording with Chris Crisci. He plays in Appleseed Cast and Old Canes. The best album we have ever recorded. We've been playing new songs for a little while but we are saving some gems for the release. Today we decided to play one of them at the show on's called "drinking binge".

Richard: We’re absolutely fascinated by Justin Roelofs and White Flight, and we feel you may possess some good stories. Tell us one. Also, did the recent Kickstarter campaign earn him enough to create his “film and eventual multi-sensoral other-dimensional transport tool?"

Brendan: He has been one of my best friends forever. One time he was telling me the "meaning of life" kneeling down in some short shorts and I looked down and his wiener and one of his balls were hanging out.

Fan-submitted questions from @Sauline:

@Sauline: We all know how uncool it is for brothers in bands to 'all get along', but as you mature as a band, is it harder to find things to fight about?

Brendan: Yes.

@Sauline: What would be your band members' honorary Wu-Tang monikers?


Brendan Costello- "stylish ways"
Brian Costello- "bronco"
Patrick Hangauer- "the poopman"
Brendan Hangauer- "maurice pumpkin"

We never get tired of this album cover:

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