Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Scenester Pick: Terry Malts at Replay / Theatrical Pick of the Weekend: EMU and Godot (Variety Show)

If you're looking for late-night revelry tonight, the Replay looks to be the best bet (obviously) to check out San Francisco's Terry Malts.  Slumberland Records says:

" Their heads-down live shows and immaculate power-pop song-writing has made this irreverent punk trio one of the most talked about bands in SF in ages. Mashing up the best bits from such stellar forebears as The Undertones, Buzzcocks and Descendents, Terry Malts haven't forgotten that one of the key elements of punk has always been FUN."

And Pitchfork says:  6.9 ("thank god they cranked that distortion up and dumbed the chord progressions down."").

We're convinced they're cool after seeing this tweet from them: 

"TONIGHT: We play Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS at 11pm. Anyone with a Bob Dole Jayhawks basketball jersey or Paw t-shirt gets in free"


Since nobody else is likely to give EMU Theatre's Sunday event at the Replay any press, let's help them out.   EMU has been gearing up to perform their take on Waiting for Godot for so long that it feels like we're actually inside the play and waiting for Godot (" 'Yes, Let's go.' They do not move.").  But apparently they're getting closer and are holding a benefit variety show at the Replay on Sunday afternoon and evening to raise funds for their free outdoor performance of Godot, now slated for the last two weekends of May at Haskell University.

Check out the EMU site here , which promises music from bands such as Long Shadows and Sonic Douche (!), plus comedy from Jordan Geiger (?), burlesque from Foxy By Proxy's Scarlot A. Harlot, and a bunch of short plays with names like "Brown and Back" (Chip: "I'll bet it's political!") and "Mindy is a Crazy Bitch."   There's also a silent art auction.

Here's the time frame we snagged from the FB event  page . As of now,  two people are listed as going, and one of those people is "Reeps LaLounge," so they could probably use your help.  Please attend.

4:00 "Brown and Back" - 10 minute play
4:15 The 6th Dementia - band
4:35 Jay Maus standup
4:45 Panda Circus - band
5:15 Left E. Grove - hip-hop MC
5:35 "Mindy Is a Crazy Bitch" - 10 minute play
5:45 Scarlot H. Arlot - burlesque singer
5:55 E100 - 2 piece band
6:25 "Sidekicks Club" - 10 minute play
6:35 Will Averill - standup
6:45 Sonic Douche - band
7:15 Jordan Geiger - standup
7:30 Long Shadows - band