Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekend Scenester Picks: Real Estate at the Bottleneck, bedroom noise-pop in No Law, and Final Fridays at Wonder Fair

Riding high on an 8.7 (!) review  in Pitchfork for last year's Days, Real Estate hits the Bottleneck on Saturday:

"Like the stirring scenes of suburban Texas in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, these songs find meaning in daily mundanities-- in houses and gardens, phone lines and street lights, names carved in trees and leaves pressed by footsteps." 

Ah, Pitchfork, you had us at Malick!

Opening up is Ghosty. It's their third LFK show in two weeks!  Good thing we never get tired of them.  And also The Twerps, who are from New Zealand and prone to "bold, doe-eyed statements" (Pitchfork).  Those are our favorite kind of statements!

Here's Real Estate sitting around in a field getting in touch with their inner Malicks (photo via this site):

If you prefer your shows cheaper and more dangerous, take a long-ass walk on Saturday to Studio B in North Larryville for Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk and the "bedroom noise-pop" of Vehicle Blues.  

We love the directions listed on the FB event page :

"Studio B is in North Lawrence: Going north across the bridge, take a right before Burger King onto Industrial Ln. (10Ten Liquor is on the corner) and studio B is up on the left (right past the car wash)!"


Don't forget the Iain Ellis/Brit Wits reading tomorrow at 7:00 at the Raven (read our interview here ), but before or after you might want to stop in and see whatever adorable thing is happening at Wonder Fair.  This month's opening by Teal Wilson is called "Year of the Horse, Born Into a Family of Rabbits."  Here's some press info:

"Altogether, Wilson’s exhibition is a fond remembrance of an auspicious occasion, when a year of the horse was born into a family of rabbits."

We have no idea what this means, but why not take a look? 

And please visit our friend Karen's Larryville Artists  blog for an in-depth look at what to see and what to skip (namely: all that children's art bullshit, so says Karen). 

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