Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Compton vs. East Larryville Update / KU Football Preview / Brownback Photo of the Week

Readers, the feud between East Larryville and Doug Compton continues, but it seems that LFK is making at least some progress, as developers have once again agreed to lower the height of the proposed hotel at 9th and New Hampshire.  However, the group has now also "proposed building a nearly 80-foot multistory apartment building at the northeast corner of Ninth and New Hampshire streets, where the offices for Black Hills Energy currently are located" (LJ-World).  Read the full LJ-World piece here .

Our favorite LJ-World talkbacker rant-of-the-day award goes to  JJEOO7:

" Doug, could you finish the Wescoe Hall skyscraper for us? We want the tallest building in the WORLD! It could house a Coca-Cola factory, chicken production floors, bars, coed collaborative spaces. If we can simply declare anything above the 30th floor as "off campus" (a.k.a the radar...wink...wink), then the sky is truly the limit for this tax enhanced and ruler approved structure. I do think we should change the name from Wescoe Hall to Plutarchy Gardens."

And please check in with our activist pals over at the 900nh Wordpress site  here for their thoughts on the latest developments. 

The KU Spring Game is just around the corner and we're waiting anxiously to find out just how badly the team will blow during the Chuck Weiss era.  Several team members prepped for the game this past weekend by getting arrested at the Hawk after an altercation which began with an employee asking one of the players to quit smoking inside the bar.

Chip:  "I'm kind of glad that this is a team that gets to smoke and drink and curse a lot after the ultra-moral regime of Turner Gill.  I think it's going to improve their spirits and performance a lot...assuming they can stay out of jail long enough to play a few games."

And make sure to kick off your Spring Game festivities with an 11:15 ceremony at the corner of 11th and Maine in which sections of two streets will finally be officially renamed after the late, great Don Fambrough, Mizzou-hater extraordinaire.  We predict a moving occasion with some "Muck Fizzou" chanting going on.


Readers, do you like funny photos of the governor?  We do.  Here's the face that Brownback makes when he views a particularly puzzling piece of art.


Anonymous said...

Brownback<Sen. Tankerbell ... Larryville is far too titillating, don't ya think?

bob and david said...

Totally! He'd love to be everywhere that people are doing art so he could see it first and make sure that people aren't going to be titillated.

Anonymous said...

What's with the Gov's orange ribbon?