Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Interview With Guitar Wolf: "We Might Bite You!"

Readers, we've been on a total Japanese pop-culture kick recently. We finally watched the controversial, long-suppressed-in-America Battle Royale (which proves once and for all that The Hunger Games is for pussies). We devoured Haruki Murakami's 900+ mindfuck of a novel, 1Q84. And we spent four hours with Sion Sono's Love Exposure (not only the best film we've ever seen about kung-fu and upskirt photography but also one of the most impressive recent works of art).

But one of Japan's greatest exports dates all the way back to 1987, when the "Jet rock" sounds of Guitar Wolf were unleashed on an unsuspecting world. These days the band continues to wreak havoc across America (watch their new tour video here ) and will take the stage at the Bottleneck next Friday, April 6. Opening the bill: New Zealand's The Transistors and Larryville's Jabberjosh and The Sluts.

We were honored to chat with lead singer and guitarist Seiji about the band's long musical career, their film work, and what's likely to occur at a Guitar Wolf show (spoiler alert: it ain't pretty!).


Richard: We understand that Joan Jett is a huge influence on your sound. Tell us about that, along with your other influences. And can you end by using one of those "we sound like _________ meets ____________" comparisons that music critics love so much?

Seiji: "Universe meets shit "

Richard: You guys have been around a very long time by current rock standards, since 1987. What are some of your favorite moments from your career and what keeps you going night after night?

Seiji: The last time we were in Lawrence was when we were touring with The Cramps. I remember very well. The burger I had at the restaurant in front of the club was delicious.

In order to keep rockin’ hard every single night, I sneaked into the Great Pyramid of King Khufu one night to get the secret elixir. I was chased by the Cleopatra’s mummy and almost eaten by the Sphinx. I couldn’t solve the riddle of the Sphinx. But somehow I could manage to come back home alive. With that elixir, I’m good to go every night. Sorry, you can’t have it.

Richard: You're also known for film work such as playing yourselves in the alien/zombie flick Wild Zero. Do you have any plans for future films to cash in on the current zombie craze?

Seiji: The sequel will be “Wild Zero – an episode of Time Trip - The Wolves on the Tokyo Castle." We are going back to the era of “Samurai” warriors and fight against the UFO and the samurai zombies. I hope there will be some scenes for me to make out with the American girls. The director told me he was looking for a producer.

[Watch the Wild Zero trailer here ].

Richard: What can our readers expect from your show at the Bottleneck?

Seiji: Wait! Don’t ever expect anything from our show. Here’s a warning. We might bite you when we get excited during the show. So get the rabies shot before you come to our show. Don’t forget.

Chip: I'm relatively unfamiliar with your canon, so tell me this: Does this band contain an actual wolf who has somehow acquired guitar-playing capabilities?

Seiji: As you might have known, I’m a quarter wolf. My gramma was a Japanese wolf. She sometimes comes to see our show. Are you talking about her? She wants to come to the US to see her good coyote friend to enjoy a cup of tea. If you happen to see her at our show, let her bite your fat belly. I’m asking you for the sake of US-Japan friendship, please.

Tour and band photos (click to enlarge):


Robocopter said...

Let's watch wild zero the day before the show!

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Yes, we need to get familiar with their acting chops!