Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Recap: Nachos, Beer, and Bluegrass / New Twitter Tone Poem About Coffee in Larryville

Readers, it's official: KU now holds the record for the world's largest serving of nachos! Oh, those nachos looked nasty, but it was a proud day nonetheless (perhaps the proudest since we won the National Championship in 2008?).

Here's the "nacho trough" and a few individual servings. Chip ate four servings and nearly died, but he'd do it again in a heartbeat if the record is ever taken away from KU!

We also caught a nice set from our buddies in Olassa on Friday at the Arts Center (along with an energetic poetry performance from Mark Hennessey which, at one point, turned into a crowd sing-a-long of "Pinball Wizard.") Olassa is thinking of making the design on the wall behind them into a T-shirt design, which would kick ass.

And the friendly brewers over at Barnyard Beer, Mike and Heath, invited us over last night to sample some of their concoctions. We tried the Golden Ale, Red, and Porter. Folks, these beers are potent! We took @mentalplex along for the ride, a fellow you may know best as the notoriously opinionated "Burger Wizard" but who also has a lot of pompous thoughts on beer. He was won over by the Porter, and tweeted thusly: "It's true. Wasn't expecting it, but that porter can go head to head with any microbrew in the country."

So make sure to head over to Barnyard soon. It's located (trickily!) between the Merc and the Pool Room. Look for the red barn doors. They host Mudstomp Mondays each week, and are bringing in some of the area's top-notch pickers and grinners on weekends too. Last night we caught sets from Cowgirl's Train Set (a band distressingly short on cowgirls) and headliners Fast Food Junkies, who played a slowed-down version of the "True Blood" theme song that will creep you the fuck out for days: you'll believe that they really DO want to "do bad things to you."

92.9 was on hand recording the show and you can hear a broadcast of the highlights tonight at 10:00. Follow Barnyard Beer on Twitter here and visit the Barnyard Beer website here

And take a look at the Junkies:


Like any good scenester town, LFK loves its coffee, so we asked our Twitter followers to describe their favorite cup in Larryville. Now (with minor edits) we've assembled the results into this powerful Twitter tone-poem. Enjoy!

Java Break, because I met my wife there
back in the days when they had used books and true love.

A barraquito from Global.
Sweetened condensed milk, espresso, & lime -
like dropping rocket fuel into a jalopy.

Z's Divine.
I've become addicted to their Moon River blend.
And the baristas.

both for the delicious coffee (simple or fancy)
and the endless source of customer-drama.

A Millionaire's Coffee from the Pig,
sitting out front,
watching the people go by.

The Pig for their fancy pour-through.
Primataza for their coffee with cayenne.
Henry's before 10 for the oldskool airpot.

Henry's because the baristas are just so adorable
that I want to put them in my pocket.

At sunrise on my front porch.
The sun creeping up,
spilling light gold over everything.
Steam rising

Starbucks at the Dillon's on Wakarusa.
Drinking coffee... West Lawrence style.
(Please read in valley girl dialect)
Like, a vanillaa frap from Starrrbucks
with extra whipped cream.

i drink my black coffee and stare at the wall at Wheatfields.
Simple, yes I am.

And here is local coffee-lover BARRR, who never enjoys a cup of the Pig's pour-over without a Tecate chaser:

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