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Our Fast and Loose Interview with the Floozies: Catch Their 4/20 Show at the Bottleneck

Readers, Friday is 4/20, and that means a lot of people in Larryville are going to get high (even more high than on a normal day). Sure, the scenesters will end up at the Ghosty/Fourth of July gig at the Replay, nodding their heads almost imperceptibly to Ghosty's new tunes, but where will the younger, more dance-y, types end up?

Answer: at the Bottleneck for The Floozies (and Spankalicious and Electric Theory).

While many of you may be unaware of the Floozies' "Electronic Party Funk" that sprung right out of LFK, they are nonetheless one of the city's more recent success stories, playing to big crowds at festivals across the country.

Today we're chatting with The Floozies about their "4/20 Light Wall" (??), sibling rivalry within bands, and the importance of being "naked and free" (Chip: "That phrase is so erotic!").

Check out The Floozies official website here and on Facebook here .

Richard: We tend to spend out time at boring scenester shows at the Replay and Jackpot where the audience stands stock-still aside from minor head-bobbing. What’s the audience like at a Floozies show?

Floozies: Our crowds are just about perfect. Our alcohol-to-arrests ratio has got to be incredibly low and most of the people there are better at dancing than me. I'm more of a facial expression, arm gesture kind of guy. Although last night I was learning all the Flynt Flossy dance moves on youtube so yeah.

Richard: Tell us a little about the Floozies sound, ideally incorporating one of those “we sound like _______ meets __________” comparisons that music critics love so well.

Floozies: Somebody at a recent St. Louis show called us "Electronic Party Funk" and we think that's pretty accurate. I wish we had an awesome "_______meets________" reference but we just don't.

Richard: So you guys are brothers, huh? Brothers in bands are notorious for bickering and fighting. Is that true for you? Do you fight as much as Liam and Noel Gallagher from Oasis?

Floozies: We are indeed brothers, and we certainly don't tiptoe around each other's emotions but we actually get along really well. Mark's 4 years younger than me but he's always been cool and mature for his age and I've always been uncool and immature for my age so we kind of meet in the middle.

Chip: This Bottleneck show is on 4/20 and we see on your Facebook page that you’ve got some sort of “4/20 Light Wall” for this gig. First off, what the hell is it? And second: do we have to be 100% baked to understand it?

Floozies: The light wall is a convex wall of light panels that we built specifically for this show. We were sober when we tested it out and it was pretty rad so I suppose you don't have to be baked for it.

Chip: Tell us about your new album. The first song is called “Birfday Suit.” Is it about being naked?

Floozies: "Birfday Suit" talks about being naked and the bridge talks about freedom, so i guess it's about being naked and free. And the album is a free download from our website because we are The Floozies and floozies give it away for free.

Chip: What’s the origin of the band’s name? When we first heard of you, we thought you were going to be a band full of hot (and slutty) ladies!

Floozies: A girl called me a floozie in college and we just rolled with it.

Richard: We’re guessing that you see some wacky stuff playing festivals across the country. Tell us a memorable story.

Floozies: All the wacky stuff at festivals kind of blends together. But one time we played a Mardi Gras show in New Orleans where a bartender got stabbed by a scorned lover and the party never stopped. Seriously, nobody missed a beat.

Richard: We see you’re playing Wakarusa this summer. Are you bummed that The Man drove all the hippies out of Larryville and down to Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas. Tell us what else is on the horizon in 2012 for The Floozies?

Floozies: It is kind of a bummer that Kansas drove one of the best festivals in the country out of the state, but Mulberry Mountain is pretty great. In 2012 we're doing a lot of touring, playing in Puerto Rico, and making a music video where we go to lame parties and make them awesome by turning on our song. Girls appear out of nowhere and everyone instantly has a drink in their hand, that kind of thing. I suppose it's really just a documentary.

Here's the 4/20 Light Wall:

And here are the Floozies:

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