Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Missed Connection of the Week: A Dirty Dillons Reverie / We Begin Studying "Best of the Year" Lists

Dirty Dillons is nothing but a pile of rubble these days, but the sweet memories remain, as witnessed in this romantic recent Missed Connection from Craigslist:

"we used to meet up at the Dillons on Mass St a couple years ago, and drive to the park and suck each other off. hit me up if you're still around."

But where should they meet now?

Chip: "There was definitely something about Dirty Dillons that made people horny. I think it was the desperation. I almost masturbated once in Aisle 2."


It's almost December and that means it's time for us to start constantly perusing "Best of the Year" lists to make sure we didn't miss anything hip this year. PopMatters' already has their list up and "the best rock song of the year," they say, is "We Bros" by Manchester's Wu Lyf.

"Here’s a fun party game: drop the needle on WU LYF’s debut record, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, and take a drink every time you understand something gravel-throated frontman Ellery Roberts says. Chances are you’ll end up stone cold sober by the time album closer “Heavy Pop” fades away."

We're not sure why ending up stone-cold sober is a fun party game, but we do like song titles such as "Such a Sad Puppy Dog."

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the rev said...

I have actually masturbated in aisle 2, Chip...another missed connection...