Thursday, December 1, 2011

KU Basketball Condom Art / KC First Fridays Art / Unhip But Titillating Local Website of the Week: KU Nights

Readers, we hope you stopped by campus to check out the Latexhibition, an exhibit for World AIDS Day that features some giant condoms with a few basketball players' heads attached to them along with the slogan (not visible below) "Keep Your Head in the Game." But is Taylor, with his many recent sloppy turnovers, really the best spokesmodel for safe sex? We're not so sure.

If you prefer your art to be a little cuter than a giant Elijah Johnson johnson, you might want to head to KC tomorrow for MicDanDanLand during First Fridays. It's a multi-artist opening at FOKL featuring Micah Buzan, Daniel Forth, and the prolific Danny Joe Gibson (who single-handedly united the divided local scene with his recent three-month poster exhibit). There's live music at 9:00.


If you're like us, you enjoy looking at pictures of locals while they are partying. But's Party Pics don't always appear regularly, plus it gets boring looking at the same old scenesters. So lately we've found ourselves turning to the KU Nights site , where Chip has been delighted to discover numerous photo galleries from events that we are far too old to witness ourselves, such as Ladies Night at Quinton's, which apparently looks like this:

Wait. Wait. It gets better.

And then it gets even better still. Chip has moved this site to the top of his bookmarks.

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Bananasuit said...

Latexhibition... is that for REAL??