Sunday, November 13, 2011

Football and Quidditch Photos of the Weekend / Missed Connection of the Week

So yesterday's KU-Baylor game was hardly the slaughter we predicted. But in many ways it was far worse, with KU blowing a 21 point lead in the fourth quarter and losing in overtime on a bold or crazy (depending on your point of view) attempt at a two-point conversion.

The day also brought a rare display of emotion from Gill, as witnessed in this great LJ-World shot of him being restrained by the refs. Will we soon see him sacked, paid off, and dragged off of campus in a similar fashion?

We're not sure exactly how the Quidditch World Cup works, but apparently one plays A LOT of matches in a two day time span. We do know that KU Quidditch suffered their first tournament loss yesterday afternoon, 30-20, due to a "Hofstra snitch snatch" (via @UDK_Quidditch).

And here's our favorite photo of the tournament, taken from the Gothamist website. That kid in the background is using what Chip refers to as a "boner-grip."


Here's an intriguing W4M Missed Connection from last night's Guns N' Roses show in KC. If the dude discovers the post, he might just hook up with this lady AND her mother (and please note the clever lyrical references throughout):

"I was wearing an American flag bandana, you had a red bandana coming out of your back left pocket...I don't usually go for gingers but I think we got what it takes to make it. You're a bit older than me but I feel like I've known you forever. I think my mom would love to meet you, too. Please e-mail me if you're ready to meet your rocket queen. I still love you, baby."

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