Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/11/11 Approaches: The Sluts and Ponyboy / Firkin Tapping of the Week at the Pig

The buzz of the week in Larryville music circles is (probably) Up To Eleven's six-venue music extravaganza tomorrow night.

Have you marked out your trajectory yet? Here's a handy set-time list that you can click to enlarge.

We're curious about The Sluts, who have been profiled over here at I Heart Local Music and deemed "screamy" and "noisy" and possibly "the best new rock band in the area." And also Ponyboy, who have an I Heart Local Music profile as well. Ponyboy recently did the score for a transexual porn film called "Sexing the Trans Man."

Chip: "I accidentally rented it because I mistakenly read the title as "Sexing the Trans Am" and thought it would feature a bunch of women getting banged on Trans-Ams, kind of like a porno version of Smoky and the Bandit. I was more than a little shocked."

Ponyboy has a family-friendly set time of 7:30 so you should probably bring the kids and sing along to the amusingly titled "Bro is the New Word for Faggot." And click here if you want to see the video . (Admit it, Chip: you're going to click that link).

And make sure to attend the official 11/11/11 kick-off TONIGHT with a firkin tapping at the Pig. Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout has been mixed with coffee beans to produce something called Cafe Buffalo. It sounds both sophisticated and disgusting!

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