Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Scenester Picks: Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin at Wonder Fair and Horror Remix at Bottleneck

Let's take a (brief) break from talking about #heblowsalot and concentrate on what to do in Larryville tonight.

With the Jackpot scenester era nearing an end, where should one go for an $8 rock show? How about Wonder Fair? They stake their claim as a musical contender tonight with a show by Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin (who have played the Jackpot on numerous occasions). Sure, a few of you will miss the full bar at the Jackpot, but most of you only drink PBR anyway and, let's not kid ourselves, both the sightlines and likely the sound will be better in the intimate confines of Wonder Fair. Ghosty opens the show at 8:30.

Tonight's other event of note is the Thanksgiving-themed edition of Horror Remix at the Bottleneck. Why is it happening AFTER Thankgiving? Who cares? Any time is a good time for "2 hours of turkey terror," as far as we're concerned, and the website information on tonight's offering has already given Chip a boner:

"SHADOW WOODS randomly places leftover edits (or trimmings) from nude scenes already in the film and redistributes them out of context to the story’s timeline... it’s just about the cheapest thing I’ve ever seen. And I love cheap, but this was obviously not the director’s decision, just a butcher job by a producer trying to make a boob quota."

Chip: "Why doesn't EVERY cheap horror film employ this technique? Most horror films today don't even seem to have a boob quota."

And is another of tonight's films seriously about a giant killer turkey who drinks the blood of drug addicts? This poster would suggest so:

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Ashley said...

I saw SSLYBY open for Mute Math @ The Granada 3ish years ago. Yeah, I verged on hipsterdom way back when!