Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work of Art Review: The Tiger Penis Episode / NachoTron 3000 / Local Theatre Pick of the Week: Brecht Meets Miller

We've been huge fans of Work of Art since the beginning, and last night's episode was one of the strongest yet, with our favorite artist of the season, The Sucklord, spray-painting nipples on China Chow's dress and this year's resident sexpot, Lola, creating a giant street mural of a group of orgiastic tigers with "striped tiger dicks" in which passers-by could paste more tiger-boners to the piece, creating an important communal boner-bonding moment.

Chip: "How that piece did not win is a mystery I'll never understand."

The AV-Club review seems to agree: "You can create serious art with tiger penises...this is a phallic episode of Work Of Art, and thus a kind of delightful one for those of us who appreciate the show’s willingness to engage in discourses not often seen within other reality programming. Which, yes, in this case means penises."

If you're not engaging in these discourses every week, you're missing out!


Readers, we hate Missouri more than ever right now due to their decision to jump ship and head to the SEC, and we were fully prepared to swear off this year's Border Showdown altogether until we heard about the Nachotron 3000:

"Fans are invited to experience NachoTron 3000, the world's first interactive, competitive nacho-making machine created by “scientists” to analyze how human football fandom correlates to delicious nacho toppings. Before the Jayhawks and Tigers go head-to-head on the gridiron, their fans will compete in a test of wits and brute athleticism off the field as they throw footballs at close-range targets in hopes of winning nacho toppings for their Mission tortilla chips and scoring points for their beloved team."

And look at this quote, which we swear to you is not from The Onion but is indeed real:

“The Border Showdown represents the perfect blend of competitive sportsmanship and ravenous fans that NachoTron 3000 was made for,” explained Pete Thornfield, Director at Mission Foods, the company who funded the NachoTron research. “Fans should come hungry, both for their team to win and for nachos."

Read more here and behold the Nachotron 3000:


Finally, are you excited about KU University Theatre's experimental Brechtian interpretation of Arthur Miller's American classic All My Sons, which runs through Sunday:

Richard: "Yes. Look for me during intermission expounding on Brecht's use of 'the alienation effect.' If I don't leave the theatre completely alienated, I'm asking for my money back."

Chip: "That would probably be amusing if I knew who Brecht was. Also, based on the official trailer for the performance, it's going to be fucking hilarious. But I didn't realize it was a comedy?"

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

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