Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Larryville Gets a "Nerd Nite" / Spot Those Scenester Mummies / Missed Connection of the Week: Baiowolf Edition

Readers, do you know about the nationwide gatherings known as "nerd nites," in which nerds "get together for nerdery of all sorts (well, mostly presentations and drinking)." --quote from official website .

Larryville joins the festivities tonight with a gathering at Pachamamas featuring three presentations:

“Animals and Zombies! Africa and the Media” by Emily Fekete
“How I Learned to Start Worrying and Make a Map . . . of Bike Accidents” by Germaine Halegoua
“Walden Pond, Speakeasies, and Revenge of the Nerds: Temporary Autonomous Zones and Poetic Terrorism in American Life.“ by Michael Black

It's free, and doors open at 7:30 (but supposedly only 50 nerds will be allowed into the event). What time will the presentations begin? None of the info bothers to say, but we'll guess 8:00. Will you be one of the lucky 50 nerds?

Chip: "There's a basketball game tonight, for fuck's sake."

Richard: "I may well attend, and I'm hoping our Bananasuited buddy will click on the official website link above and volunteer for a future presentation about the PBR Book Club."

Here's a tiny little flyer because we can't find a bigger one:


For the first time since the St. Vincent show, L.com has published a new set of Party Pics taken at the recent Fashion Monsters Fashion Show at the Replay and featuring both models and random Replay revelers.

Below is our favorite. Unwrapped mummies are so hip right now! Name those mummies and win a PBR.


This local W4M Missed Connection will provide amusement for certain local scenesters:

"you: yellow backpack, great eyewear, curly hair and from what I can tell, usually a button up short sleeve shirt. I heard you were maybe in Baiowolf? This is less of a missed connection and more of a general statement. I see you around once in a while and I think you're really attractive. I don't think that I want to get to know you because I would probably only grow to hate you because that's usually how things work out for me. Just know that you have a secret admirer. I'll see you around!!"

And speaking of Baiowolf, Rob (Robocopter) sent us some links to a powerful new series of "anticipation" videos. Check out "Cigarette Anticipation" (and the others) over here .


jinxycat said...

I know the chick mummy is Lindsay Love, the guy is her BF not sure what his name is though

PBR! said...

You know your mummies! Nice job.