Monday, November 14, 2011

Sad Scenester News of the Week: The Jackpot Gets Sold / KU Quidditch and Dirty Dillons Demolition Photos

If you're hip, you've probably heard the rumors for awhile now, but the word is officially out today (via the LJ-World's bizarre, speculative Town Talk column ): the Jackpot is getting sold.

According to the piece, the new owner is Eric Berman, who "hopes to still have some local music shows but also wants to add some "typical bar fare, a pool table or two, dart boards, a juke box, that sort of thing." Berman said he went to school in Lawrence in the '70s and '80s, moved to San Francisco and then spent a lot of time trying to persuade his California wife to move to Lawrence" (LJ-World).

San Francisco, eh? Perhaps he'll be bringing in a lot of noodly jambands. Expect to see puzzled scenesters crying outside the Japes as early as December.


Sadly, KU's young wizards didn't prove victorious in the Quidditch World Cup this weekend, but we celebrate their valiant efforts and strongly encourage you to click this UDK link for a photo gallery of images such as this, which appears to be some sort of broomstick boner-fight:


The UDK is really doing a bang-up job of images lately, and here's one that's sure to make you cry: it's the directory sign from Dirty Dillons, still hanging amidst the rubble of the demolition. Go here for a demolition photo gallery .


Scary Manilow said...

I get to meet the new owners during my shift today. I'll try to leave the strap-on explosive device at home.

Dr. C said...

Losing the Jackpot is sad, yes, but Dirty Dillons--that's like learning they're tearing down the Vatican. Sure, it's a little worn and may not serve as large a client base as it once did, but that doesn't mean you just tear it down! You and I are just passing through Lawrence, but Dirty Dillons--Dirty Dillons is Lawrence.